Watch This Collie and His Nearly Identical Cat Bestie Pal Around Together

black and white cat and dog look alike

Courtesy of もふもふ動画 / Twitter

From 1963 to 1966, Patty Duke starred in the eponymous Patty Duke Show, a story about identical cousins who live together and get into typical, 1960s-style hijinks. On its face, the idea of identical cousins seems ludicrous, but now that I've seen this black-and-white dog and tuxedo cat, my mind is open to all sorts of possibilities.

Watching videos of these two is almost too cute. Not only do the dog, a border collie, and the lookalike cat have nearly identical fur patterns, they clearly enjoy one another's company as well. You can see the happy pair just twinning their way through life, walking around together, sitting at the same time, cuddling up in a little bed together.

The pair—Wang Keai (the dog) and Wang Yimi (the cat)—live in China. According to this video from meme depository 9GAG, the two became pals when Keai would see Yimi, then a stray cat, on his walks. Keai's human took Yimi in after the cat fell ill, and after Yimi became used to the new surroundings, the cat and dog became cuddly best friends.

While the dapper pair have been together since at least last year, video of the two has reappeared online in recent weeks. The below video of the pair has earned more than 700,000 views.

Cartoons like to portray dogs and cats as sworn enemies but, as Daily Paws Pet Health and Behavior Editor Jenna Stregowski points out, that doesn't have to be the case for your furry friends. In fact, you can follow these handy tips while introducing them.

"It's important to start with careful introductions. Begin by allowing each pet to smell something with the other pet's scent, like a blanket, toy, or bed," she says.

"When it comes time to meet in person, I usually worry more about watching the dog. It's more likely that a dog can injure a cat than the other way around. Give the dog cues like sit, stay, down filled with reward and praise. Let the cat do what she's comfortable with: exploring, hiding, leaving. Make sure the cat has an easy exit to a place out of reach of the dog."

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With a little patience (and maybe some help from fur-pattern genetics), your dog and cat could become the next heart-melting case of furry best friends.