Watch: Callum Robson Surfs Back-to-Back Best Waves of the Day at Pipe Pro

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Callum Robson flies relatively low on the pro surfing radar.

When compared to some of his big-name counterparts – the John Johns, the Toledos, the Medinas, etc. – Robson, 23, is more of an everyman. He charges, he’s one of the more heavy-footed power-surfers on Tour, and he’s always a threat in big, barreling surf. But in the "favorite surfer" conversation, Robson's name isn't common...for now.

Further proving his underdog status, his main sponsor is an Australian soy milk brand; he has 30.8k followers on Instagram, whereas Gabriel Medina has 11.5 million.

Regardless of the lack of hype or fandom, the NSW, Australian put up the two highest scoring waves of the Lexus Pipe Pro, the World Surf League’s debut 2024 Championship Tour season event, over the first two days of the event. Better than John John Florence, better than Kelly Slater, better than last year’s event winner Jack Robinson.

On day one of competition, backed up against the wall with Medina’s 8.33 in the opening round, Robson scratched into a steep, heavy Pipeline drainer for the day’s highest score of a 9.00.

“When I got out there, it felt like the energy was shifting towards Pipe, so I tried to establish the inside for the lefts,” Robson said. “I didn’t want to sit and wait for too long, and that first wave made me realize I needed some waves with more draw to them, then I got that 9, which I was stoked on.”

Then, after a few days of delay in competition and the controversial decision not to run on the biggest day, Robson resumed his run with the highest score on day two…and the event so far. This time, at Backdoor, Robson held on for an extremely late drop, followed by a total disappearing act in the tube. He scored a 9.33.

After, in the Round of 16, Robson’s luck ran out. He matched up against John John Florence, and as it often seems to go with the North Shore native, the Pipeline gods favored JJF. Robson barely put up a score. Doesn't mean John wasn't nervous, though:

“Earlier, Callum got that 9 right after I had my heat and he’s so scary in these conditions,” he said. “All I can think about was that I’m going to need a better wave.”

Robson was knocked out of the event. But stay tuned; there’s a couple more stops on the calendar – Portugal (where Callum scored a perfect 10 last year), Tahiti, and Tavarua – where this proverbial underdog might cause some upsets.


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