Watch: Bunny Totally Nails Agility Course and People Are Loving It

This rabbit could compete with the dogs!

When one thinks of an animal agility course, dogs come to mind nearly every time. In this popular TikTok video from, though, it's a talented little rabbit who's tearing through the course. Needless to say, he's getting a lot of fans for his skills!

After we got over the shock of seeing a bunny running an agility course, we could see just how much of an athlete the animal really is. Both the happy rabbit and his trainer must have worked so hard to get this good at bunny agility!

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OMG! Look at this little rabbit go! He runs the course with more confidence than most dogs we see, and that's saying something. Maybe this bunny knows just how high he can leap!

"It looks like he is flying when he is jumping, LMAO," wrote @._cindy.x So cuteee!" Isn't it precious? It could put a smile on anyone's face, though it sounds like equestrian jumpers are getting a bit jealous!

Viewer @..eq_kaykay said, "next thing you know, all the equestrians will be buying bunnies." LOL! It would make sense that rabbits are natural jumpers, though it's always important to keep an animal's health and happiness in mind. We're sure the bunny you see in this video has been practicing jumping for a reason!

"My bunny won’t even agree on the leash," shared @duck_quacks123. That's precisely what we mean. Show jumping won't be for every bunny, but those who seem to enjoy walking and jumping totally should!

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