Watch This Bodybuilder Try Gymnastics with an Olympian

Emily Shiffer
·2 mins read

From Men's Health

British bodybuilder Obi Vincent is all about getting out of his comfort zone and trying alternative training to his typical CrossFit and bodybuilding workouts. He recently tried out speed and agility training that left him on the verge of puking and has also taken on the Marine Fitness Test. For his latest video, he's hitting a different kind of gym: a gymnasium, with British Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson.

"You guys know how slow, heavy, lazy and inflexible I am. So this is going to be a great challenge," says Vincent.

Wilson plans to take Vincent "through the paces" of gymnastics.

"Flexibility is a massive aspect, which I know you do a bit of. Power, strength, speed, control and balance," says Wilson.

The goal: to get Vincent to do a backflip.

They start on the balance beam, and Vincent takes it super slow.

"It's as wide as my feet!" says Vincent.

Next, they move to a trampoline.

"It's about spacial awareness and control," says Wilson.

"I'm dizzy already," says Vincent as he jumps. "Seriously, I'm too heavy for this ishh."

They move to the floor, where Vincent practices backwards somersaults, and then hit mats and wedges to work on his backflip form. He also uses parallel bars to practice his landing for the backflip, using the bars to flip backwards.

"Bro, I'd rather do burpees a million times," says Vincent.

After more practice, they head to a foam pit for Vincent to practice his backflip while being spotted. On his last attempt, he does the backflip unspotted.

Then they head for training on the uneven bars where they work on hanging pikes, which Vincent nails.

"That's really impressive," says Wilson.

They end their training with some speed and agility training and with burpees and suicides on the gym floor.

"That was fun. The gymnastics aspect is something I really, really need to work on. The backflip was cool because it's something I have a really big fear of doing," says Vincent.

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