Watch 'Black Panther' star Michael B. Jordan make kids' day during surprise visit to Alabama school

Kerry Justich
Michael B. Jordan made a surprise stop at a school in Alabama. (Photo: Getty Images)
Michael B. Jordan made a surprise stop at a school in Alabama. (Photo: Getty Images)

Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan just started working on a new project in Alabama, but he’s also trying on another role for size as a motivational speaker for young students.

Jordan reportedly touched down in the Southern state on Monday, alongside co-stars Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson for the upcoming film Just Mercy, which is based on the memoir by Bryan Stevenson, a Montgomery, Ala., attorney and Equal Justice Initiative co-founder. But it was a different group of people that the Creed actor was spotted hanging with during his first day on the job.

Jordan posted a video of himself with over a dozen young students, writing that he saw them in their school parking lot doing jumping jacks and spontaneously stopped to say hello. “The sight of them inspires me & reminds me why I do what I do!!” he wrote.

But it turns out that the inspiration is mutual.

As the kids ran up to high-five and hug Jordan, the actor shared some words of wisdom. And if the bright smiles on the students’ faces are any indication, it certainly meant a lot coming from one of their idols.

“Make sure you listen to [your teacher], listen to your parents. Make sure y’all work hard,” Jordan is heard saying in the video. “Pay attention in school.” To which the boys all respond, “Yes, sir!”

Already, nearly one thousand people commented on the sweet video, praising Jordan for the kind act.

You are absolutely amazing for this! You will be making such an impact on these young boys lives for just giving them words of encouragement!! Hats off to you!!” one follower wrote. While another echoed the same sentiment, writing, “Inspiring the next generation! Love this!

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