Watch: Big Wave Surfer Kai Lenny Got Lucky on his Strike Mission to Fiji

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Big wave surfer and all-around waterman Kai Lenny has been busy.

While competing in the Backdoor Shootout, he endured a wipeout that hospitalized him with a severe concussion. Since then, he's been back in the water surfing while working on his recovery journey.

He's also been in the Mainland where he foil surfed by San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge with Jamie O'Brien as his wingman, capsized a super expensive sailboat (also with J.O.B. in San Francisco), and even nabbed a Taco Bell award in Las Vegas. He's also been scoring perfect surf in Fiji, as seen in his new vlog below.

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Lenny captioned his latest vlog above:

"Strike Mission to Namotu, Fiji - Firing Cloudbreak, Water Sports Heaven

"Without a doubt, Namotu, Fiji is one of my favorite places on Earth. The conditions are incredible for every water sport under the sun.

"On top of it all some of the nicest people on earth are there. Enjoy!"

After an intro where Lenny pours his heart out about Namotu Island (the small island close to Tavarua), the rest of the vlog is a few minutes of dialogue-free, epic surfing footage.

Lenny, along with surfers Ian Gentil, Jack Robinson, and Ryan Hipwood, scores pretty much perfect Cloudbreak.

Press play above for all-time Cloudbreak.

Lenny addressed the video's commercial-like style in the comments himself, writing:

"For everyone commenting that it's an "Ad". It is NOT. I genuinely love this place and wanted to share my insights about it to give you the best video possible."

Either way, there's a lot of surfing in the edit, and that's what we're here for.


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