How to Watch 'Beacon 23' Without Cable

beacon 23 tv show
How to Watch New Sci-Fi Thriller, Beacon 23Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
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Looking for a new series to watch while some of your favorites are on hiatus due to the recently resolved SAG-AFTRA strike? We’ve got just the thing.

Beacon 23 is a highly anticipated sci-fi psychological thriller series by Zak Penn. It’s based on the short story series of the same name, written by Hugh Howey.

The official synopsis of the show, as reported by, is as follows: “Beacon 23 is set in the farthest reaches of the Milky Way and follows government agent Aster (Lena Headey) and stoic ex-military man Halan (Stephan James), whose fates are entangled after they become trapped together inside one of the many Beacons serving as a lighthouse for intergalactic travelers. Every Beacon is run by one highly trained human and a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Aster mysteriously finds her way to the lonely Beacon-keeper Halan, and a tense battle of wills unfolds. Halan begins to question whether Aster is friend or foe, as her ability to disguise her agenda and motives could make her a formidable opponent.”

As intriguing as the plot itself seems, what’s drawing even more interest to the show is the showrunner, Glen Mazzara, who is well known for his work on The Walking Dead.

Beacon 23 is set to premiere on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The premiere will unveil two episodes, with a single episode each week thereafter. While it was originally greenlit by AMC Networks, the thrilling new series will debut on MGM+ (formerly known as Epix), which is available on cable, as well as in the MGM+ app. Some streaming services, like Philo and YouTubeTV, offer the channel as an add-on, and Amazon Prime subscribers can add it to their membership for $5.99 a month after a 7-day free trial. If you watch shows through AppleTV+, you can download the app and play a monthly fee to watch.

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