Watch the Battle That Has Gwen Stefani Worried That the Artist Will Win 'The Voice'

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Huntley, Brailey Lenderman

It’s always hard for a two-chair turn to go up against a four-chair turn on The Voice, but that’s the Battle royale that will be on Monday night’s final episode of season 24 Battles when Brailey Lenderman faces off against Huntley, the four-chair turn, in a performance of Hootie & The Blowfish's "Hold My Hand."

Watch this early release video to gauge for yourself who will win – with Gwen Stefani worried that Huntley may just be the winner of season 24 of The Voice and he’s on Niall Horan’s team, not Team Gwen. That would give Niall two wins in a row.

“Wow! Wow! Oh, my gosh. I was not expecting that,” Gwen says. “That was amazing. Brailey, the thing with you is that it wasn’t until halfway through that, it was like, ‘She has an incredible tone and power.’ It was really, really, really good. Huntley, I’m worried that you might win this show. Your precision and perfection of how you did it, it’s hard to believe. In this moment, I would say that Huntley won that one.”

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John Legend also agrees that Huntley has star power, saying, “That was so much fun for us to watch. You even matched your braids up there. Brailey, you were powerful. You made musical choices that were really appropriate to the song, but still made it feel fresh. The challenge is you were against Huntley and the magnetism and energy you convey, it’s just very attractive and it connects people to you. There’s something special about that crackle in your voice. So, dude, you’re great.”

Reba McEntire told the two that their duet made her miss the fact that as a solo artist she doesn’t get to sing with a partner.

She said, “I think y’all did a wonderful job. It kind of made me envious that I didn’t get to be up there and singing with y’all. But Brailey, I think your tone is great. Your voice is gorgeous. I did hear a few pitchy things every once in a while, but I’d probably be on the floor if I was in your position. And Huntley, I do like your stage presence, your look. You’re a force of nature on stage.”

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Of course, the last word comes from the artists’ coach and Niall admitted to being impressed as this performance was the best the twosome had done to date.

“Unbelievable singing from both of you,” he said. “Huntley, your stage presence is just insane. To watch you prowl around that stage whilst also singing that well. I know Brailey gets nervous for most performances. Didn’t look like it today Brailey. You were absolutely on fire up there. As always, these are ridiculously decisions and I’m the stupid one that has to make them.”

It’s hard to imagine that the winner of the Battle won’t be Huntley, but we won’t find out for certain until Monday night’s episode of The Voice, which will air on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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