Watch Bad Bunny & Gael Garcia Bernal Make Out in New 'Cassandro' Clip


Gael Garcia Bernal and Bad Bunny’s sexual chemistry is off the charts in these brand-new Cassandro clips!

In the new film, Bernal plays Saúl Armendáriz, the man who becomes the flamboyant Mexican wrestler Cassandro. Bad Bunny plays Felipe, his love interest.

Now, two new clips from the movie have us more excited than ever!

We’ve been seeing hints of Bernal and Bad Bunny’s interactions in the movie and they all look great, but this is the best look we’ve gotten at their dynamic yet. The clips also do a great job of showing how the Cassandro persona empowered Armendáriz.

The first scene shows Armendáriz (Bernal) and Filipe (Bad Bunny) talking about lucha libre.

“I’m not really into lucha libre,” Felipe tells Saúl. “I prefer strip clubs, stuff like that.”

When he admits that he does like the masks that wrestlers wear, Saúl says he doesn't wear a mask, and that gives him strength.

“If Cassandro were here, he’d tell you many things,” he says. “Yeah, for example, that he wants to kiss you.”

The second clip goes even farther, showing the two of them actually kissing. What starts as a tentative kiss while the two are drinking beers, quickly ends when Felipe says he can’t go through with it.

“See you around, stud,” Armendáriz replies. God, we can’t wait to watch this entire movie!!!

Cassandro follows Saúl Armendáriz (Bernal), a gay man who grew up in El Paso, Texas near the U.S.-Mexico border and has always dreamed of becoming a famous luchador. After he’s initially unable to break into the industry, he gets help from a new trainer named Sabrina (Roberta Colindrez) and comes up with the flamboyant exotico wrestling persona of Cassandro, also known as the “Liberace of Lucha Libre.”

Cassandro quickly became a fan-favorite, taking the machismo-driven world of wrestling by storm to eventually become the first foreign-born wrestler to win a world title in Mexico.

Bernal and Colindrez are joined in the cast by Bad Bunny, who, based on the clips and previews we’ve just seen, is playing Armendáriz’s love interest. We love to see it!

The movie also stars Perla De La Rosa, Joaquín Cosío, Raúl Castillo, and famous real-life luchador El Hijo del Santo. It’s coming to select theaters today, September 15, and will stream on Amazon Prime Video on September 22.

From Luchador to legend. Don't miss the inspiring true story that is #Cassandro - in select U.S. theaters September 15 and ...

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