Watch as Baby Emus Treat Each Other Just Like Human Siblings

I've been watching a lot of TikToks posted by @Useless Farm lately because their animals are a riot! Amanda, the owner of the farm, posted a video on Sunday, September 3rd replying to a commenter on another post who asked if Karen, one of the resident emus (she's not the nicest) had a baby.

Amanda replied that Karen had not one but two babies, Janet and Glenn. She goes on to show us the brother and sister and how they interact with each other. Honestly watching them is like watching my kids together! Watch till the end because what one of them does is just the cutest!

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Janet and Glenn fight, show off for each other, chase each other, play, and totally bother and annoy each other. They're just like human siblings! And can we talk about how cute that little one-legged jump at the end of the video clumsy and totes adorbs!

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times and has nearly 4 thousand comments. People loved watching the little emus' interactions! @Stephanie made me laugh with, "I’d like to make a career out of doing interpretive dances choreographed by Janet and Glenn!" as did @Heather with, "Have you tried turning them off then on again? LOL!" @Summerelaine129 added, "I need someone to add the little cartoon arms to them!" @Lisa hit the nail on the head with, "Awwww! Two new baby velociraptors! They’re adorable."

I totally enjoy watching the animal shenanigans at @Useless Farm. Amanda's videos always brighten my day!

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