Watch: Australian Surfer Takes His Pet Python Out To Catch Some Waves

Pet parents love including their pets in their hobbies. We have all seen dogs who paint, cats who play keyboards, bulldogs on skateboards, birds who dance, and snakes who go surfing.

Wait.. what?

Yup, a surfer named Higor Fiuza morelia bredli python takes his beloved pet named Shiva out to catch some waves, in this video posted September 5.

Shiva has been surfing about ten times, and according to ABC Net Australia, her owner says she's a natural.

"She is such an amazing snake," Mr Fiuza said. "I always took her to the beach and she loved to be in the water swimming, so one day I decided to take her out for a surf and she loved it.

"Usually when she doesn't like something she starts hissing but she doesn't hiss [in the water], she is always chill."

Shiva loves a dip in the ocean, particularly when it's hot, and Mr Fiuza said her grip was so strong that he was not scared of losing her if they took a tumble.

"She is big now and she holds my neck really tight," he said.

I'd personally be terrified of losing my pet snake if she fell in the water! The ocean is a pretty big place and it seems like a snake, especially a slippery one, would be a pretty easy thing to lose!

This is why I'll never be a snake owner. Or a surfer. Instead I have taught my dog to engage in my own personal favorite hobby, sitting on the sofa, eating popcorn, and binge watching bad reality TV.

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