Watch: Alien Workshop's New Video 'Normalize' Now Playing

Alien Workshop just released their new video, Normalize and it's an absolute breath of fresh air. From the spots to the squad to the skating itself, press play and redefine your reality in the way only a Workshop video can do. Check it out:

The whole gang is here: Kevin Liedtke, Joey O'Brien, Johnny Purcell, Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Jordan Powell, Yaje Popson, Henrique Crobelatti, Felipe Munhoz, Zach McBride, and Sammy Montano closing it out with the style, power and creativity he's known for.

With Andy Licardi behind the lens handling the majority of the filming, as well as the overall editing and directing, I think this video will really hit close to home for Alien fans old and new. Personally, I really like the direction the Workshop is going, and again, the skating speaks for itself.

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Once a believer, always a believer. Big ups to all involved! Feels like we're all back on the home planet. Keep the hits coming, dudes! Oh, and the soundtrack is perfect.

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