WATCH: A Man’s Emotional First Flight at the Age of 57

Laura Begley Bloom

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your first flight — ever — at the age of 57? On a plane ride from Dublin to Liverpool, England, Michelle Carville taped her father Patsy’s reaction to his maiden journey. In the charming three-minute video, he laughs, he cries, he grabs the seat in front of him, he even utters a few NSFW phrases.


A tear-jerker of a first flight. (Photo: Michelle Carville/Facebook)

Patsy, a resident of the tiny Northern Ireland town of Newry was on his way to attend his other daughter’s graduation in Liverpool. A few highlights include the moment around the 50-second mark, when he looks out the window and starts dabbing his eyes, then later at 1:13, when he is so overwhelmed by the experience that his daughter asks if he is alright.

In an era when flying can be so stressful, this is a great reminder of the wonder of flight.

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