Watch 100 Years of Teen Girls Fashion

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Teen style has always been informed by what’s trending, whether that’s flappers pushing the boundaries of stockings or Lizzie McGuire bringing funky back to fashion. Watch teen fashion unfold over the last century.

1920s: Young women imitated the flapper trend by sporting short bobs and makeup. Teens in the ’20s even rolled down their stockings to expose their knees in a rebellious fashion, imitating the famous flappers of the time.

1930s: Teens dressed in more mature clothing as they prepared to “enter society.” Dresses typically came to the calf and necklines were higher, but were accented by ruffled collars and other youthful details.

1940s: “Bobby soxers” was the term used for teens in the ’40s who were fans of popular music because of the socks worn with their saddle shoes. A typical outfit would include a sweater set and an A-line wool skirt.

1950s: The ’50s loved a matching dress and jacket print set. Dresses were always full and often worn with a petticoat.

1960s: Teen fashion finally came into its own when the former Vogue editor in chief Diana Vreeland announced that the “youthquake” had taken over fashion. Colorful miniskirts and dresses inundated school halls as young women formed an interest in pop culture, music, and fashion.

1970s: For the first time in teen fashion history, gender lines were being blurred, and flared denim pants were all the rage. Fashion became more casual for teenagers as counterculture dictated style.

1980s: Molly Ringwald was the style icon of the ’80s and informed every teen’s wardrobe. Her eclectic style was founded in “girly” pinks and florals with edgy accents.

1990s: The ’90s took its cue from movies like Jawbreaker and Clueless influencing a generation of teens into coveting “the teen dream.” Crop tops, bold plaids, and lots of color defined the era.

2000s: Tweens hit the millennial scene, drawing inspiration from television icons like Lizzy McGuire. Brands like Limited Too became popular, offering funky styles, butterfly clips, and elastic chokers.

2010s: As social media became more popular for teens, internet trends took over fashion. Think scrunchies, Birkenstocks, and ripped denim shorts.

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