Posted Up - Should the Warriors be concerned after 1-2 start?

Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes and NBA writer Seerat Sohi discuss Golden State’s start to the season and at what point Draymond Green could potentially be put on the trade block. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: The Golden State Warriors. Now, let's-- let's-- you know, they haven't gotten off to a good start. They don't have Klay Thompson for the year with his injury. Draymond Green has not joined the team on the court as of yet, but I still expected them to play a little bit better.

I know we're only about three games. I understand that. But Steph hasn't looked good at all. The game that they won was by a game winner by Damion Lee. No disrespect to Damion Lee. I love Damion Lee.

But I just never ever would think that with Steph was-- if Steph is on the floor, I just would never ever think that a play will be drawn up for Damion Lee to take the last shot to win the game and get them their first win of the season. What-- what-- are you surprised by anything Golden State's doing, or you think this was bound to happen?

SEERAT SOHI: I think with the Warriors I really want to-- I want to be patient with them and not judge them too much until Draymond is back. Watching that game yesterday, it became really clear that he-- that he is such a big part of what they're missing. And they're trying to-- they're trying to recalibrate a lot of what they do on the fly, and you see it with some of the ways that like, Steph doesn't necessarily fit in that well with Wiggins and the drive and kick stuff. Like, Steph is very, very patient.


SEERAT SOHI: And he's gotten used to that. Like, the Warriors-- for all their running, also like, they know how to use all 24 seconds of the shot clock. So there were times-- and he's talked about this-- like, he's been willing to give up a great shot-- or a good shot to get a great shot. And that's not really like the modus operandi for, let's say, Andrew Wiggins or even Kelly Oubre, who I think will fit into this style but will take some time.

The team definitely needs an infusion of defense, passing, basketball IQ-- pretty much everything that Draymond brings. So hopefully he can-- he can come back and give all that to them. I still think they're a playoff team, honestly.

If he's healthy-- if they're both healthy, I think they'll be fine. But one thing that's clear to me is that if either of them aren't, this team is really, really hopeless. They're in the middle of this mess, and I don't want to judge them while they're in the middle of this mess.

CHRIS HAYNES: That's fair to say. But it is a mess, nonetheless.


CHRIS HAYNES: And I'll say this. I'm looking at-- and, to your point about Draymond, Seerat, you're asking an awful lot of Draymond to come in and just save this situation. I get what you're saying. Like, Steph needs to play with, you know, more basketball IQ players.


CHRIS HAYNES: But Draymond's the only one that's not-- that's missing, you know. So I don't know how much he can do. When Draymond comes back and they don't fare well, we could see a scenario play out where Draymond will be put out on the market for trade bait. We can see that because--


CHRIS HAYNES: --the way this franchise is going-- and I know a team that would-- oh, my goodness-- I know a team that would be salivating if that was the case. I'm not going to mention them-- maybe in a podcast later down the road.

SEERAT SOHI: Look who's throwing out their own bait.

CHRIS HAYNES: Hey, I got-- you got to do it. You know, it's a long season. It's a long season, Seerat. So that be said, Warriors so for a slow start. But we'll see when Draymond comes back.