Warby Parker, Glasses USA and More of the Best Place to Buy Glasses Online

Warby Parker, Glasses USA and More of the Best Place to Buy Glasses Online

Gone are the days of relying on your eye doctor for a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Shopping for glasses online has become way more popular in recent years, and for a few good reasons. There's a very good chance you'll save money on your online glasses compared to similar picks from the eye doctor's office — and we bet they'll be more stylish, too! To make things even better, all you need is a current prescription, and then you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home for a new pair of specs.

When shopping for the best online glasses, there are a few important things to keep in mind. In addition to having a prescription, you'll also need to know your pupillary distance, a.k.a. the space between your eyes. There are some systems for measuring this online, but your eye doctor will be able to get a more accurate number. And keep in mind that not all prescription glasses are able to be filled online — If you have a stronger prescription or require progressive lenses, for example, you might need to visit a store in-person. Don't forget to check to see if your vision insurance will cover anything — you can even pay with an HSA or FSA card on some of these websites.

If you aren't sure what styles and shapes you like, look for a website that offers at-home try on (like Warby Parker, for example). People who already have an idea of what kind of glasses they like can look at the measurements of their current frames (often printed on the inside of an arm) to find a similar-fitting pair. And most importantly, be sure to check the return policy, just in case you aren't loving your new frames when you get them in the mail.

These are the best online glasses to buy in 2021:

Say hello to glasses that are affordable and stylish.