Want to Improve Your 5K Time? Try These 3 Exercises


The tortoise and the hare is a cute fable, but we’re not willing to depend on our competitors taking a break halfway through the race to let us win. So if you’re looking to take your 5K time to the next level or even just finish the race without stopping, incorporate these unique agility-focused exercises into your training.

Ladder – 2 Feet In

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Enter the ladder in a running motion, placing your right foot in the first square. Follow with your left foot in the same square and then move forward touching each square throughout the ladder with both feet. Your arms should also mimic the running motion, with your left arm extending forward and upward when your right leg moves forward and right arm extending forward and upward when your left leg moves forward. Keep a steady pace throughout the exercise and repeat. Perform 10-12 reps.

Jump Rope – 1 Foot Lateral Hops

Perform a jump rope movement using only one foot. Put a focus on moving your foot laterally from side to side in an alternating fashion. Some tips to perform this exercise correctly include: jumping on the balls of your feet, not jumping to high, keeping your hands and arms as stationary as possible and keeping your hands placed slightly above the waist level. Continue for time. Repeat and switch feet. Perform 2-3 sets of 30 seconds on each leg.

Mini Hurdles – 2 Foot Bunny Hop Forward

Line up five hurdles in a straight line about two feet apart from each other. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart facing forward. Jump over the first hurdle and stick your landing in between the first and second hurdle. Land on both feet at the same time. Make sure to swing your arms forward and upward as your bend your knees to gain momentum. Stick each landing for one second, continue and repeat. Perform 10-12 reps.

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