Want Takeout Instead of Turkey? These Fast Food Spots Are Open on Thanksgiving

fast food open on thanksgiving
20 Fast Food Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving 2023VIEW press - Getty Images

We've officially reached the final countdown to Thanksgiving—and that means we've definitely got a hankering for a holiday feast! Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and delectable desserts like pumpkin pie... the list goes on and on. But with turkey comes the inevitable troubles. Maybe you've had a dreaded oven emergency or can't even begin because *gasp* half of your Thanksgiving grocery list is missing! You could always make a last-minute stop to one of the stores open on Thanksgiving, or you could just throw in the towel and turn to takeout.

So, if you find yourself feeling more stressed than thankful, there's nothing wrong with falling back on one of the dozens of fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving in 2023. And if your reasoning for eating out is as simple as not wanting to do the dishes or needing a snack to hold you over before the main meal, that's fine too. 😄 Here, we've gathered up 20 fast food restaurants open November 23 so you can get your hands on anything from a Big Mac to a Frosty. Popular establishments like McDonald's and Wendy's are only a few of the options you'll have. You can even find Thanksgiving hours for Dunkin'! Yep, they're open, too.

If you rather take your family and sit down for a meal, you can also find several dine-in restaurants open on Thanksgiving as well. But no matter where you go, just be sure to call your local franchise to confirm hours before piling into the car. Once you've done that, your fast food feast awaits!

Boston Market

They might be known for their rotisserie chickens, but Boston Market is here to cater your Thanksgiving dinner, too! Stop by or order carryout for a delicious turkey feast, complete with sides and dessert. The holiday menu and hours vary by location.

boston market
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Burger King

Instead of whipping up a Thanksgiving meal, just treat yourself to a Whopper and fries from Burger King. We won't judge! The chain typically doesn't close for the holidays, but prepare for reduced hours.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Cracker Barrel

You've got an entire holiday feast right at your fingertips when you dine with (or carry-out) Cracker Barrel. They'll be open for regular business hours and will have a Thanksgiving menu starting at 11 a.m. But be sure to double check the hours at your specific location.

cracker barrel
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No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with pizza! Luckily, most Domino's locations will be open on Turkey Day. Now you just have to decide between pepperoni or cheese—or maybe just grab a box of both.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Even on Thanksgiving, American runs on Dunkin'. So if you're craving coffee, you can head to your nearest store to get your fix. Keep in mind that locations are independently owned, so you'll want to call ahead before making the drive.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Our mouths are watering just looking at that burger! Grab your own with all the fixins' this Thanksgiving from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Though those are the official Hardee's hours, timing may vary by location.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Want breakfast before all the cooking starts? Or maybe you want breakfast for dinner instead of a typical turkey meal. Either way, IHOP will be open to serve you pancakes galore. It's always best to call your local restaurant for their specific hours.

ihop restaurant
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Jack in the Box

Tacos, chicken, burgers, fries, and shakes... you name it, Jack in the Box probably has it! Translation: If you've got a big crowd, everyone is sure to find something they'll like. The chain will remain open 24 hours on the holiday; however, some locations may have reduced hours.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Krispy Kreme

You'll be everyone's favorite family member if you show up to the Thanksgiving celebration with a box of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme! Most of their locations will be open on November 23 until 2 p.m.

krispy kreme
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We've come to look to the Golden Arches for just about everything—and Turkey Day is no exception. McDonald's will be open and ready with burgers, fries, and even pies, but because many are independently owned and operated, hours will vary by location.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Papa John's

A Thanksgiving pizza party is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Whether you want to go pick-up a classic cheese or have a supreme delivered right to you, you're able to do that with Papa John's this November 23.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Pizza Hut

Here's another pizza option to fall back on! Plus, Pizza Hut also has wings, pasta, and so many scrumptious desserts. Just remember to check those holiday hours, as they'll likely be reduced.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Sure, you can grab a few of the famous Popeyes chicken sandwiches, but they also offer delicious Cajun Style Turkeys that are pre-cooked, hand-rubbed and seasoned ahead of the holiday. Hours and availability will vary by location, so call ahead first.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Bowls, burritos, quesadillas, tortilla soup—if you're wanting Mexican food, you got it at Qdoba. The chain will be open on Thanksgiving, but hours will be reduced, and some stores may close their doors.

qdoba mexican grill
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Sonic Drive-In

Grab everyone's drink orders then head to Sonic on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house. You can also stop for burgers, hot dogs, or even ice cream. Note: These restaurants are locally owned, so hours may vary and some may remain closed.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Something we're thankful for year after year? Starbucks! And we're extra thankful that we can get our hands on a beloved PSL (or any other fall drink) to make it through Thanksgiving. Select stores will be open and hours will vary by location.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Steak 'n Shake

Shake things up this Turkey Day (get it?) by making a trip to your local Steak 'n Shake for famous steakburgers and homemade milkshakes. Yum! Most locations will be open to help you celebrate.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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Sandwiches are a simple (and scrumptious) solution to a dinner disaster. Here's the thing: While most Subway locations will be open, restaurants are independently owned, so be sure to check the hours at your nearest shop.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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With all the family members you'll have over for the holiday, that's even more reason to keep it easy by ordering Baconators for everyone. Don't forget a frosty and fries! Hours for Wendy's will vary by location.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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White Castle

Move over turkey, we're giving sliders their time to shine! Look to your local White Castle for a yummy Turkey Day alternative. Their restaurants are typically open every day except Christmas and Easter.

fast food open on thanksgiving
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