“I Want People to Feel Instantly Cool”: Alicia Keys On Her Spectacular Moncler Collaboration

“I Want People to Feel Instantly Cool”: Alicia Keys On Her Spectacular Moncler Collaboration

Since her debut album, Songs in A Minor, dropped in 2001, Alicia Keys has continuously been at the top of the music game. Not only has she delivered hits such as “Fallin’”, “No One” and “Empire State of Mind”, the award-winning singer-songwriter is stepping into the fashion world by way of a Moncler collaboration. (During London Fashion Week, Keys delivered a jaw-dropping performance at The Art Of Genius event, which sent fans into a frenzy.) “When I was a kid growing up in New York, if you could have any coat or jacket, Moncler was the big one to get,” Keys tells Vogue of her love for the Italian brand. “Not only do their pieces keep you warm, they look super fresh, are made beautifully and feel really good to wear.”

Bold colors, textured panels, and baggy, ’90s-inspired silhouettes are prevalent throughout the artist’s capsule collection with Moncler, which consists of unisex pieces meant to fit a range of bodies. “I’m completely in love with everything we’ve made—it’s about being effortlessly chic,” she says of the collection. “The inspirations are pulling from the New York energy that I bring—big logos, big statement pieces that feel like you’re here to be noticed and that you’re not afraid of who you are.”

When asked what her favorite piece from the collection is, Keys struggles to pick just one item. “It’s so hard to choose—the long silver trench coat is a hero, or the incredible silver pants, which are spectacular,” she asserts. “The tracksuit that has the colours of the Jamaican flag, too—the hues are beautiful and the shape is sick. I also love the light wash jeans set.” As for what she wants people to feel when they wear her clothes? “I want people to feel instantly cool and fresh, like they didn’t have to try extra hard—I also want them to feel happy,” she says. 

Given that it is International Women’s Day this week, Keys has been reflecting about the individuals who have influenced her personally and named her mother, grandmother, as well as musicians Nina Simone and Mary J Blige as her most significant inspirations. Despite the progress that has been made, the singer says a lot more work needs to be done to uplift women in today’s world. “We all need to open doors for women and break out of the old boys’ network to bring in diversity – not only of gender, but of colour, backgrounds and religious perspectives, too,” she says. “It’s a simple thing: hire us! And make sure that we’re an important part of the bigger picture.”

The Moncler X Alicia Keys collection is available in store from 23 March.

Originally Appeared on Vogue

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