Want Firmer, Brighter Skin? Dermatologists Say You Should Drink Green Tea Every Night Before Bed

This article has been updated since its initial publish date to include more expert insight. 

In addition to daily hydration with water, frequent moisturization, and the use of a vitamin C serum to achieve an even skin tone, your diet can also play a significant role in the pursuit of healthy, glowing skin.

Based on expert advice from skincare experts, we’ve learned that incorporating green tea into your nighttime routine is recommended as it not only contributes to achieving your desired radiant complexion, but also provides various health benefits for your body.

We spoke with board-certified dermatologists Dr. Erum N. Ilyas, MD, MBE, FAAD and Dr. Anna Chacon, MD who both pointed to green tea as a beverage that promotes glowing skin and benefits your overall body in numerous ways!

How Green Tea Can Benefit Your Skin

Green tea is a comforting and soothing beverage to conclude your day with (decaf of course) and its antioxidant compounds reduce skin inflammation. In addition, it only takes a few minutes to brew a cup!

"The addition of green tea to your routine is a great way to [aid] your skin with the antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation and help the skin’s natural repair process," Ilyas explains.

She notes that green tea differs from black tea in how it is made, and is the ultimate best tea choice for your skin when it comes to antioxidant levels.

"Green tea is not fully oxidized in the manner black tea is, so it retains the green color of the leaves. It tends to have higher concentrations of a polyphenol including one called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)," Ilyas says, noting that green tea polyphenols have demonstrated a number of skincare benefits including antioxidant effects.

"The benefit of EGCG is that some studies have demonstrated its ability to potentially inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme that contributes to skin pigmentation," she continues. By inhibiting the enzyme, there is potential to reduce pigmentation in your skin.

She also says that there are even studies that have demonstrated that consumption of green tea may be linked to reducing the signs of sun damage in our skin as it related to pigmentation.

Green tea also benefits the skin when applied topically as well as consumed, Chacon notes. Many skincare products including serums, face masks, cleansers and moisturizers include green tea as an ingredient.

"The aging process can be slowed down by using products and choosing drinks that increase collagen formation and /or use antioxidants to counteract free radical damage," she explains.

Overall, if you want glowing, radiant skin this fall and don't know where to begin, these tips can help, but it is most important to visit your dermatologist for specific steps that relate to your own skin and its needs. As you may know now, there's no harm in trying green tea and seeing if it helps your skin feel more vibrant!