Want to bring your dog out to eat with you? These Salt Lake Co. restaurants have you covered for 2024

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Wanna take your pooch out to lunch? There are 40 Salt Lake County restaurants and eateries where your dog can accompany you on an outdoor patio for 2024, according to county officials.

The Salt Lake County Health Department released the list this week noting that it only applies to dogs and not other animals. The list does not affect qualifying American with Disabilities Act service dogs in any way. The list provided below only applies to emotional support animals, comfort animals, companion animals and therapy animals that are otherwise not covered by federal law.

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County officials explain that in 2024, 10 fewer establishments asked the county for approval for dog-friendly patio variances. In 2023, a record 50 businesses applied. The variance has been available to restaurants and eateries since 2015.

To receive the variance, restaurants must first submit a plan known as an HACCP Plan and play a $360 application fee. The fee includes an onsite inspection of the patio. If approved, the business is covered for one summer and can renew each year at a cost of $140, if the eatery remains in good standing with the county health department.

Restaurants must also agree to the following rules:

  • Establishment must post signs that notify patrons that dogs may be on the premises

  • The patio must have an outdoor entrance so dogs don’t have to go through an interior dining area, and there must be self-closing doors between the patio and interior area

  • The patio must be cleaned with animal-friendly chemicals at the beginning of each shift, or every six hours if the business does not have defined shifts

  • Any dog bathroom “accidents” must be cleaned and the area sanitized within 5 minutes

  • Wait staff and other restaurant food-handlers may not touch any dog

  • Dogs must remain on-leash, and must have collars with current license and rabies tag

  • Dogs may not be on tables or chairs

  • Dogs should be given water in a disposable container, but may not eat food (including dog food or treats)

  • Dogs may not have contact with any dishes or utensils

For more information, contact the Food Protection Bureau at 385-468-3845.

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