40 Cool Birthday Gift Ideas to Add to Your Wish List

HBD! Now, what do you want for your birthday? You might be tempted to say, "Oh, nothing," but whether you're 2 years old, 30 years old or 40 years old, a birthday gift makes you feel special and appreciated. It's the thought that counts, of course, but if you want to give your loved ones some direction as to what you want this year, these gift ideas can help you decide: What do I want for my birthday?

Whether it's that Lululemon 'fit you've been pining after or something from Anthropologie's bistro tile collection, you're gonna make out well this year with these awesome, inspiring bday gift ideas. Keep reading for 40 birthday presents!

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How To Decide What You Want for Your Birthday

Deciding what you want for your birthday can be a tricky thing, but it doesn't have to be an overwhelming thing. Close your eyes and envision it—what you really want. Picture the ideal bday gift you've been dreaming about buying for yourself but haven't yet pulled the trigger on. That's what you want for your birthday.

Nothing coming to mind? Think about what you love to do most.

Maybe you've recently picked up a new hobby—embroidery, calligraphy, photography or working out. Asking for a birthday gift that aligns with a newfound hobby might inspire you to keep that hobby up.

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Another birthday gift idea is something that reflects your personal goals. Maybe you want to travel, run a marathon or learn to cook. Whatever your goal is, asking for a birthday gift that helps you work toward it might help you get there. And if you're not sure what your goals are, start by making a vision board, which can help you physically visualize the goals you aspire to accomplish.

What Do I Want for My Birthday? 40 Gift Ideas

1. The Farmstand, starting at $399 at Lettuce Grow

Birthday flowers? So overrated! With Lettuce Grow's Farmstand you can grow all the flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies that you want. The 12-plant Farmstand starts at $399 and it can grow either indoors or outdoors (if you live somewhere warm enough year-round). You pick the seedlings you want, download the app, and let the hydroponic garden do its thing through self-watering and glowing ring lights.

You'll never have to buy produce again! Plus, not only does home-grown produce taste better, but it's free of pesticides, saves water, reduces carbon emissions and eliminates food waste and plastic. The Farmstand, starting at $399 at Lettuce Grow

2. Dragon Glassware x Barbie Wine Glasses, Set of 2, $44.99 on Amazon

The Barbie x Dragon Glassware collaboration is selling out fast (you can't even get those hot pink wine glasses anymore!) so, add it to your wishlist while it's still in stock. Each champagne glass has a surprise-pink interior and it's probably the most fun, vibrant gift you could ask for. Dragon Glassware x Barbie Wine Glasses, Set of 2, $44.99 on Amazon

3. Six-Pack Freshwater Pearl Stretchy Bracelet Set, $36 at Madewell

Six gifts for the price of one! For under $40, you can get this pretty set of bracelets that will brighten up any outfit! Six-Pack Freshwater Pearl Stretchy Bracelet Set, $36 at Madewell

4. Everywhere Belt Bag Large, $48 at Lululemon

The Everyday Belt Bag from Lululemon has basically exploded in popularity since it came on the market, but your birthday is your chance to get it in the larger size. It can fit your wallet, phone, keys and just about any other quick essentials you may need. Not to mention, it's super cute. Everywhere Belt Bag Large, $48 at Lululemon

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5. Stacked Arch Statement Earrings, $36 at Madewell

Madewell might be known for their eco-friendly denim, but everyone knows that the accessories aisle is where it's at. These big, staple earrings are clear, so they can go with just about any look...even your birthday 'fit. Stacked Arch Statement Earrings, $36 at Madewell

6. Hello Beautiful Bistro Tile Mirror, $38 at Anthropologie

The bistro tile collection from Anthropologie is everything but if you're not looking for a coffee mug—or you know, a toilet paper holder—this handheld mirror is the next best birthday thing. Hello Beautiful Bistro Tile Mirror, $38 at Anthropologie

7. Mirror, $995 at Lululemon

The ultimate Lululemon gift is the brand's mirror. A fitness mirror that can show you a cardio, barre or boxing workout, it's also a yoga studio and a personal trainer all wrapped into one. The best part is that you can see yourself as you train so you can correct your form and focus on posture. Mirror, $995 at Lululemon

8. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), $113 on Amazon

Most Apple fans probably already have an iPhone or an iPad but if you're hankering for a new Apple product for your bday, what you really need to ask for is the Apple Pencil. Designed with Apple tablets in mind, this accessory makes it easier to draw, sketch, color, take notes, markup, doodle and more on your 'pad. Apple Pencil (2nd generation), $113 on Amazon

9. Happy Birthday Gift Box, $59 at Doughp

Skip the birthday cake and head right to the present that's also dessert: the Happy Birthday Gift Box from Doughp. Inside, there are two 8oz cups of cookie dough, a confetti popper, stickers, and a celebratory note card—all the ingredients for a birthday-induced sugar rush. Happy Birthday Gift Box, $59 at Doughp

10. Small Neoprene Backpack, $155 at Dagne Dover

In all its neoprene glory, this Dagne Dover backpack holds just about everything you could need for everything from work to the weekend. It's chic and comfortable, and it's a great, stylish bag for the person who's always on the go. Small Neoprene Backpack, $155 at Dagne Dover

11. Trackers and Boxing Bag, $499 at FightCamp

Calling all bday boxers! If kickboxing and training is your jam, skip the gym membership payment and ask for FightCamp this year. You get the trackers to wrap on your wrists and the kickboxing bag, which correlates to a smartphone app that shows you the moves and calculates your moves and calories burned. Trackers and Boxing Bag, $499 at FightCamp

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12. Govee RGBIC Strip Lights with Camera, $80 on Amazon

If you're the person who has everything, RGBIC TV Backlights might just be the one thing that can improve your life (or at least your TV-watching experience). From Govee, this system syncs music, video, and light together and can be controlled through the phone. Govee RGBIC Strip Lights with Camera, $80 on Amazon

13. Twelve South ActionBand and ActionSleeve, $30+ on Amazon

Sweat affecting your Apple Fitness+ workout? The Twelve South ActionBand and ActionSleeve sops up any excess moisture from your wrists as you go hard for the win. Twelve South ActionBand and ActionSleeve, $30+ on Amazon

14. HomePod, $299.99 at Target

You may have every other Apple product on the planet, but the HomePod is definitely a special splurge that you'll want to integrate into your home devices. It recognizes Siri, comes in two colors, and acts as an all-around home hub. HomePod, $299.99 at Target

15. Nike Spark Sneaker, Starting at $99 at Nordstrom

Athleisure is still having a moment (a moment we hope never ends, TBH) so grab the hottest Nikes on the market right now. Nike Spark Sneaker, $99 at Nordstrom

16. Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven, $159.95 on Amazon

Pizza night will be forever changed by this ultimate birthday gift for foodies. The Pizzeria Pronto is lightweight, portable, and its temps get so high, you can cook pizza in only five minutes. Pizza, anyone? Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven, $159.95 on Amazon

17. The Castle Classic - Black, $595 at Royce & Rocket

Forget all those IG-famous suitcases you see all over the Internet and in airports. They're SO not worth the hype. But you know what is? The Castle Classic in black from Royce & Rocket makes traveling more organized than ever thanks to its Castle Shelves that work like a closet on the go. If you don't want to shell out for this 'case on your own, asking for it for your bday might just be the way to go. Mom? Dad? Anyone? The Castle Classic - Black, $595 at Royce & Rocket

18. Maplefield Manual Typewriter, $269.99 on Amazon

Vinyls and record players have been making a comeback for years so there's reason to assume that typewriters will, too. Typing on this updated baby feels so vintage yet somehow high-tech at the same time. There's no WiFi necessary with this typing accessory, so if you're an avid writer, add this to your wishlist ASAP. Maplefield Manual Typewriter, $269.99 on Amazon

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19. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and Wasserstein Bird Feeder Bundle, $169 on Amazon

You don't have to be an actual birdwatcher to appreciate the Wassterstein Bird Feeder. Compatible with a Ring Stick Up Battery, you can watch through the app as different species of birds come and go. It really is quite fascinating. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and Wasserstein Bird Feeder Bundle, $169 on Amazon

20. 12" Fry Pan, $119 on Amazon

A pan? For your birthday? Just hear us out—the 12" from Heritage Steel will change your cooking game so if you're constantly trying out a new recipe, you're going to LOVE this pan. It's induction-safe, PFA-free, and has a 316Ti interior cooking surface—something no other cookware company that's on the shelves has. If you're an amateur cook, make sure everyone you love knows this is the pan of your dreams. 12" Fry Pan, $119 on Amazon

21. Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror, $126 at Anthropologie

The Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie has amassed quite the cult-like following and for good reason. But if you don't want to ask for a $1,500 floor-length mirror (rightfully so), the vanity size is the perfect alternative. You'll feel like an old-timey movie star as you get ready every morning. Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror, $126 at Anthropologie

22. Marshall Acton III Bluetooth Speaker, $279.99 at Nordstrom

Forget everything you know about portable, Bluetooth-enabled speakers. This one from Marshall is the best one on the market. With quality sound that comes through crystal-clear, you're never going to want to connect Spotify to anything else. Marshall Acton III Bluetooth Speaker, $279.99 at Nordstrom

23. Kate Spade Crossbody, $113.45 on Amazon

Another sweet birthday-gift option for travelers is the Kate Spade Crossbody. It's the perfect bag, because of it's small size. Kate Spade Crossbody, $113.45 on Amazon

24. Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Set, $53.50 on Amazon

Anyone with beautiful, glistening hair will tell you that the secret is Olaplex. The OlaplexHair Repair Treatment Set is a great gift set if you're obsessed with the health of your hair. OlaplexHair Repair Treatment Set, $53.50 on Amazon

25. Sterling Silver Birthstone Studs, $39 at Sterling Forever

Sterling Forever makes a sterling silver pair of earrings featuring each birthstone for each month for a little birthday-related customization. Sterling Silver Birthstone Studs, $39 at Sterling Forever

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26. Environet Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit, $23.99 on Amazon

Whether you already have a green thumb or are still working on it, ask for this adorable planter kit for your birthday. Place the pretty mason jar in the window and it will take about two to four weeks for the seeds to germinate. Soon enough, you'll have a thriving plant. Environet Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit, $23.99 on Amazon

27. UGG Hyde Slide Slipper, $60 at Nordstrom

The cushy suede and shearling slippers from UGG are all the rage right now and if you're in the need of new slides, these are 100 percent the slippers you should add to your wishlist. They're the epitome of cozy! UGG Hyde Slide Slipper, $60 at Nordstrom

28. Personalized PS5 and Xbox Controller and Headphone Stand, $47.45 at Etsy

Passionate gamers and tech-users will absolutely appreciate getting this personalized wood stand from Etsy. It's got space for all your most-used devices and accessories—including AirPods, headphones and video game controllers. Personalized PS5 and Xbox Controller and Headphone Stand, $47.45 at Etsy

29. Birthdate Pendant, $149 at Birthdate

If it's something personal you want, the Birthdate Pendant offers 365 different necklaces, each one specially made for each day of the year. While Birthdate is known for their personalized candles, their pendants—made with 14-karat gold-plated silver—are particularly unique in that each stone is mindfully selected by astrologers. Birthdate Pendant, $149 at Birthdate

30. Veja V-10 Sneakers, $175+ at Anthropologie

Obsessed with Vejas? Whether this is your first pair or your fortieth pair, sustainable Vejas sneakers are always a good idea. These specific sneaks were launched as Veja's 10th-anniversary shoe and they make the perfect addition to any bday wishlist. Veja V-10 Sneakers, $175+ at Anthropologie

31. MacKenzie-Childs Bath Rug, $108 on Amazon

MacKenzie-Childs is expensive as heck, but if you have just about everything MC you could ask for, this pretty rug in different shades of pink and red could really brighten up your bathroom. MacKenzie-Childs Bath Rug, $108 on Amazon

32. Trova Home, $549 at Trova

If your birthday shopper is fine with a higher price point, the Trova Home is a solid investment (albeit an expensive one). We know it looks like a boring, box but it's actually a biometric smart safe that can be hidden in plain sight. It can fit anything from rings, watches and other jewelry to anything else you wouldn't want someone else to just stumble upon. Trova Home, $549 at Trova

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33. Assorted Tea Bags Sampler, 40 Flavors, $24.99 on Amazon

Do you love tea? If so, this is a great gift idea! You can sample 40 different flavors from around the world. Plus, the gift box is really cute! Assorted Tea Bags Sampler, 40 Flavors, $24.99 on Amazon

34. The Bradley Lugsole Loafer in Leather, $158 at Madewell

Loafers are the go-to shoe of the season and the classiest, prettiest of all 'em are the Bradley Lugsole Loafers (IMHO). Made with a leather upper and featuring a slight heel and Madewell's Cloudlift Lite padding, the Bradleys are a great birthday gift for any shoe-a-holic. The Bradley Lugsole Loafer in Leather, $158 at Madewell

35. Pop-a-Shot Home Dual Shot, $289.99 on Amazon

If you have even one competitive bone in your body, the Home Dual Shot will really bring it on in ya. Challenge any of your friends or family to more than 16 different kinds of games. This is another one of those great for-the-person-who-has-everything kind of gifts and if that sounds like you, add it to the list. Pop-a-Shot Home Dual Shot, $289.99 on Amazon

36. Define Jacket Luon, $118 at Lululemon

The Define Jacket Luon from Lululemon has gone viral for a reason. People love it—especially Lululemon loyalists—because it's so flattering and slim fitting. It's offered in just about every different color there is so even if you have one already, just ask for another color for your bday. Define Jacket Luon, $118 at Lululemon

37. Blueberry Linen Pajama Shorts Set, $88.50 at Piglet in Bed

Piglet is one of the coziest pajama brands there is and who doesn't want a cozy gift? The Blueberry Linen Pajama Shorts Set has all the makings for a comfortable night's sleep. Snooze in style in its 100 percent stonewashed linen that will keep you cool in the summer but warm in the winter. PJs for your birthday? Why not? Blueberry Linen Pajama Shorts Set, $88.50 at Piglet in Bed

38. MEAGEAL Mini Phonograph Speaker System, $59.99 on Amazon

It may look like a retro gramophone, but it's actually a Bluetooth speaker in vintage-inspired disguise. Mini-sized, it's totally portable and even features two built-in 10W full-range stereo speakers for the best sound possible. MEAGEAL Mini Phonograph Speaker System, $59.99 on Amazon

39. Set of 6 Botanical Stamps, $7.50 at Etsy

If you're always taking on the latest and greatest craft, your birthday wishlist should definitely include something for your next project. You never know when you're going to need a set of wood stamps—whether to personalize an envelope or stationery, or for some other DIY purposes. Set of 6 Botanical Stamps, $7.50 at Etsy

40. Wabi-Sabi Kintsugi Repair Kit, $25 at KonMari

Maybe you've heard of kintsugi or you've always wanted to try it yourself. It's the Japanese art of mending broken items with gold lacquer to make it new and beautiful. Another awesome gift option if you love the DIY of it all, this kit comes with two practice bowls, gloves, gold pigment, glue, a spreader, and protective cloth. Get your kintsugi on! Wabi-Sabi Kintsugi Repair Kit, $25 at KonMari

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