"WandaVision" Director Hopes Fans Find the Season Finale "Surprising but Satisfying"

Tamara Fuentes
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"WandaVision" Director Hopes Fans Find the Season Finale "Surprising but Satisfying"

From Seventeen

With only one episode left in WandaVision, fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next for Wanda and the rest of Westview before her sitcom fantasy comes to an end.

As with any franchise in the Marvel universe, there are a lot of fan about how this story is going to end. While he can't reveal much just yet, director Matt Shackman has given fans a hint about what the finale will bring.

"I hope that they feel like the journey was satisfying for them. I know there are so many theories out there; there will be a lot of people who will no doubt be disappointed by one theory or another," he told Entertainment Weekly. "But we're always telling this story about Wanda dealing with grief and learning how to accept that loss, and hopefully people will find that the finale is surprising but also satisfying, and that it feels inevitable because it's the same story they've been watching the whole time."

While we might be saying goodbye to Westview at the end of the series, Matt says Wanda’s story doesn’t end here.

"We were trying to tell a complete story in terms of the narrative around Westview, N.J., and we hope that there’s some resolution to that story, and that it is satisfying and also surprising for the fans," Matt told TVLine. "But Wanda will continue into Doctor Strange [in the Multiverse of Madness], and there’s a lot more to her story to be told, so this is only one part of a very complicated and very rich life."

With a March 2022 release date, fans will have a year-long wait after the WandaVision finale to see what's next for Wanda and her friends in Doctor Strange. But at least we won't be left with a big cliffhanger like some of our other favorite Marvel series (we're looking at you, Daredevil).

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