Walmart Shopper Claims That She Was Charged $150 For Bananas In Viral TikTok

One Walmart customer is stressing the importance of checking receipts after shopping. TikToker and Shreveport, Louisiana-based shopper Dorthy Sutton uploaded a clip to the video-sharing app this month and went viral after claiming that she was charged $150 for two loose bananas. In the video, she showed her receipt to viewers and wrote in a text overlay, “Please check your receipts before you leave the store.”


@dorthycsutton Walmart charges me $150 for bananas! They did refund but PSA always check your receipt before you leave the store! #overcharged #walmartcashier #checkyourreceipt #refunded @Walmart #publicserviceannouncement ♬ original sound – Dorthy C Sutton

Walmart Customer Claims That She Was Charged $150 For Bananas

The creator mistakenly originally notes that she was overcharged for raspberries, but she later corrected her post to explain that she was charged $150.86 for bananas, which were listed as “site merch” on her itemized receipt.

This can be seen below the line item for raspberries in the pic that she shared. According to the receipt, Sutton purchased 27 items and her total amounted to $316.54 at a Walmart Supercenter location in Shreveport on Saturday, May 6, at 2:56 p.m.


@dorthycsutton Replying to @Kymisty78 #overcharge @Walmart @FOX Business @Daily Mail @The Daily Dot #checkyourreceipt #grocerybudget #cashregister ♬ original sound – Dorthy C Sutton

Sutton recalled in the video, “I walked all the way out of the store to my car – almost to my car – and I’m saying, ‘Wonder what I paid.’ I didn’t even look, and I’m like, ‘Why is it so high? I didn’t hardly buy anything.'” She continued, “Check your receipts. I’m telling you, check your receipts. This is crazy.”

In the caption of her video, Sutton wrote that the Shreveport store location refunded her money. She noted that she wanted to share her Walmart overcharging experience as a public service announcement.



Viewers React To Viral Overcharging Video

Many viewers of the TikTok had mixed reactions— with some thanking the creator for opening up about her stressful endeavor and others deeming her "careless" or not being able to fathom ever walking out of a store without checking a receipt.

"Ma'am with inflation, who isn't looking?! And can you spot me for a while until I don't have to look when swiping my card at the register," one user joked as another added, "Must be nice to not have to look at the total. I always be biting my nails praying I have enough." Someone else chimed in with a similar sentiment, writing, "I'm going to definitely know right away if my bill is $150 too much."

One other viewer thanked Sutton for the "heads up" about her time at Walmart while another commented with a related experience, "They charged me $75.00 for a pack of gum. [I noticed] as soon as I got home and started putting my groceries away."

One viewer urged fellow customers to pay attention to their running total while checking out items rather than simply reading the receipt after completing a transaction. "There’s a display that shows you what your total is in real time as they’re ringing up groceries," they pointed out.

Some commenters identified themselves as former Walmart employees, and remembered seeing some items being charged as others when working for the department store chain. "When I worked at Walmart we had a can veggie that would ring up as a cordless drill," one claimed.

Another wrote, "I used to be a cashier and there was this marked down bread rung up [as] 100 and cokes were 250." Yikes— we'll be double-checking our receipts and keeping our eyes peeled on our transactions!