Walmart Is Selling Color-Changing Tumbler And Straw Sets For Under $5

Kelly Allen

From Delish

If everyone got to the new Starbucks color-changing reusable cups before you did, dry your tears this instant! Walmart is also selling color-changing tumbler and straw sets, and better yet, you can get them for under $5.

Walmart’s color-changing tumbler sets come in packs of four for $4.98. The cups, if you’re unaware of the wonderful tech they possess, change colors when there’s cold liquid in them. You can buy a pack of the cups in solid colors and patterns. The solid colors include a hot pink that turns blue, lime green that turns teal, blue that turns purple, and orange that turns deep blue. The patterned ones feature the same base colors but with designs on the outside. There's a chevron pattern, diagonal streaks, one that looks like little Target logos, and the saying “Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.”

Instagrammer @walmartbargains shared the cups, and people raved about them in the comments. Someone said they bought $80-worth of the solid ones...which is a commitment, I guess? Like the Starbucks ones, these are clearly a huge hit and selling out fast. The solid color ones are already sold out online, but the patterned ones are still up for grabs.

All of this goes to show that color-changing tumbler and straw sets are summer’s hottest new accessory for your iced coffee. They make drinking your beverage more fun and help reduce waste in the process. How could you not want one?

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