Walmart No Longer Enforcing These Two Safety Rules

When they were first put on the floor at Walmart locations across the country, the one-way aisle stickers got bad reviews from customers. Simply put, the stickers were pretty much ignored — even if that meant people walking super close to each other in passing. It's been about five months since then, but the one-way aisle stickers are one of two Walmart safety rules the supermarket is doing away with.

The other rule is one that created only one entrance into the store. Usually, Walmart locations have more multiple ways of going inside. But when the pandemic forced a review of the safest shopping practices, Walmart transitioned to one entrance and one exit. On the website, the company goes into further detail about the new safety measures. (Related: This Is the Only One Way to Contract COVID-19 at the Grocery Store.)

"We have seen that generally, customers have adopted new behaviors and take serious their personal responsibility to wear masks, practice social distancing and use our expanded hours to better spread traffic throughout the day," it says, "enabling us to provide them new options, like opening a second entrance and removing barriers at the front of our stores."

Although it isn't mentioned on the site, Walmart did confirm that one-way aisle rules will no longer be in effect. Other safety rules are still in place. Everyone still has to wear a mask. In addition, a majority of the locations are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

Some customers prefer online ordering, and Walmart is testing a different way to get your groceries to your doorstep. A startup company in Israel called Flytrex partnered with the supermarket to test grocery deliveries via drone. The flying machines can only carry 6.6 pounds and travel 6.2 miles round trip. But if you live within three miles of a Walmart, your order could be delivered quickly. The drone flies about 32 mph.

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