Walmart Has a Hidden Online Garden Center Where You Can Buy Live Plants

Jason Donnelly

There are few things as satisfying as bringing home a brand new plant to brighten up your home or garden to kick off spring. In fact, if you're serious about all things green, it's almost impossible to just get one. While the thought of loading up your car with Boston ferns in hanging baskets, indoor floor plants, and potted trees might sound like an appealing way to spend a Saturday, there's actually a far easier way to get plants sent right to your door.

Perfect for all your spring gardening projects, Walmart has live indoor and outdoor plants, potting soil, containers, and other gardening accessories available to shop now. And if you sign up for a Walmart+ membership, you can get them delivered for free (or sign up for a 15-day free trial before making the commitment).

Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Costa Farms Live Indoor 20in. Tall Boston Fern Plant in 10in. Hanging Basket ($21, originally $29), Walmart

So, what sorts of live indoor and outdoor plants does Walmart+ have on offer? Best-sellers include tomato plants and jalapeno pepper plants, magnolia trees, succulents, and ferns. There are dozens of fresh herbs to choose from, including basil, rosemary, and thyme, as well as a huge selection of indoor houseplants of different sizes and varieties. Plus, if outdoor greenery is what you're after, Walmart offers a solid selection of evergreen trees and flowering shrubs, too.

Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Costa Farms Live Indoor 2ft Tall Schefflera Capella Plant in 10in. Grower Pot, ($20, Walmart)

If you're worried about your plants being damaged in transit, don't fret: Walmart's live plant delivery service packages each plant with care. And according to reviewers of this Schefflera plant, the packaging protects each leaf, and the plant arrived in healthy condition with fresh green stems. One customer even claimed they had to touch the leaves as soon as they opened the box, just to make sure the plant wasn't fake. Another reviewer, who purchased an indoor Sago palm tree, said that while they were nervous to order a live plant online in the middle of winter, it came in better shape than if they'd purchased it from a store.

Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Flowerwood Outdoor Live Dwarf Alberta Spruce Evergreen Tree ($19, Walmart)

Head to Walmart now to browse through a selection of thousands of indoor and outdoor plants, trees, shrubs and herbs. And don't forget: Many of them can be delivered to your door for free with Walmart+. You'll be greener in no time.