Walmart Boy Mason Ramsey Is Reportedly Performing at Coachella

And people are shook.

Mason Ramsey, aka the yodeling Walmart Boy, may soon have a gig even bigger than his performance earlier this week when he returned to the setting of his viral moment. The internet sensation may be taking the stage at Coachella too. Yes, you read that right — the kid from Twitter could be performing at Coachella. Hank Williams would be proud.

According to TMZ, many musicians have expressed interest in collaborating with Mason, with DJ Whethan being the first artist Walmart Boy will join onstage. TMZ also reports that he might possibly be performing with Post Malone at the Indio music festival, but because Mason is already booked to sing April 14 at the Grand Ole Opry thanks to some help from Ellen DeGeneres, his duet with the rapper will likely have to wait until the festival's second weekend.

Of course, the information has yet to be confirmed, so we can’t be entirely sure that Mason is actually performing at Coachella. The festival is always full of surprises, though, so it’s entirely possible that his social media stardom could take him all the way there; the crowds would probably lose it if he showed up on a song or two, or just walked out for a quick cameo. Can you imagine him yodeling out some Hank Williams next to The Weeknd or HAIM or guesting on a remix with Post Malone? Honestly, stranger things have happened, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a young singin’ cowboy amidst the Coachella lineup. If he gets to meet Beyoncé, it might actually break the internet.

However, people are already freaking out about the possibility of Walmart Boy taking the stage. One person tweeted, "Yodeling Walmart boy is performing at Coachella and I have never really wanted to go to Coachella until this very moment." Another user wrote, "This is the only year I would ever want to go to Coachella and that's because the walmart yodeling boy is going to be there."

Mason wasn’t super impressed with Los Angeles, telling Ellen during his interview he’s a “country boy,” but perhaps he’ll find Indio and the desert more to his liking?

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