Walmart Accused of 'Double-Charging' By Customers, Once Again

Just weeks after a TikToker went viral for accusing Walmart of ‘price gouging’ and amping up their grocery prices, the department store chain is now allegedly ‘double-charging’ customers once again.

As reported by 13 News, Walmart shoppers in Topeka, Kansas were shocked to see noticeably higher totals on their grocery bills in the past week, and several customers revealed that they were, as Best Life writes, “double-taxed on food items that they purchased—and sent their receipts to the outlet as proof.”

Here’s what we know:

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Customers Report Strangely Higher Totals On Walmart Receipts

Jim and Cheryl Wilmington were among the affected customers, and they told 13 News that they noticed something strange when it came to their total after recently shopping at Walmart.

“When we left the store, we were kind of surprised at how much it seemed like it was and we kind of bantered stuff back and forth trying to figure it out,” Jim said.

“And when we got home and started doing the math, they ended up charging us double tax on all the food is what it boils down to in the end.” The Wilmingtons, as 13 News reported, tried to contact their Walmart in North Topeka, but their call was unanswered.







Changes In Sales Tax And 'Double-Charging'

The double-charging incidents, as Best Life noted, "coincide with changes to Kansas sales tax." As of January 1, 2023, the publication added that the "state rate for both food and food ingredients dropped 2.5 percent, from 6.5 to 4 percent."

As pointed out by ABC-affiliate KMBC, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly advocated for these statewide cuts, and they don't affect local sales taxes. With that said, Kansas shoppers should have noticed a decrease in their grocery bills, rather than an increase.

In this instance, as Best Life notes, "customers had to ask for refunds from the retailer, with most able to get their money back when heading to customer service."

When looking towards the future, the Wilmingtons told 13 News that they will be vigilant and remain on the lookout for any double-taxing or charging when shopping at their local Walmart store.

"Go to your self checkout, do all the food together then total it and pay for it," Cheryl recommended, speaking to 13 News. "Then do all your non-food, total it and pay for it. And check your receipts each time."

She added, "Our biggest thing is as consumers if we all got together and said Walmart either fix it or we're not coming, it seems like the power of numbers."