Walmart’s $13 Lululemon Align Tank Dupe Is Making TikTok Go Crazy: 'Hands Down The Best!'

walmart sign
walmart sign

Lululemon Align Tanks are some of the comfiest and cutest workout tops out there, but many fans aren’t happy with the price. Thrifty TikTokers have found a solution: A Walmart dupe. A now-viral video on TikTok shows the $13 tank you can find at your local Walmart that has the same look and feel of a Lululemon Align Tank without the $70 price tag. Keep reading for more details.

Lululemon Align Tank Dupe At Walmart

TikToker @TrinityChoo found the dupe and posted it on TikTok, along with other Walmart finds that are basically the same as other expensive brands like Ugg and Starbucks. “I love you @Walmart,” Trinity captioned the video.

To show the dupe, Trinity first included a photo of the Lululemon Align Tank Top in Roasted Brown and White colors. But, just the tank top costs $68! That’s a lot of cash to drop on a workout tank.

Trinity then shows off the $13 dupe she found at Walmart: the same brown and white shades, the same dropped look, and the same buttery soft feel. The brand is AVIA, and they have tons of colors—who doesn’t love options?

TikTokers Go Crazy For The Lululemon Align Tank Walmart Dupe

The TikTok has generated nearly 300K likes and over 500 comments, with many users writing that they're running to Walmart ASAP, and others confirming that they are indeed just as good as the Lululemon ones. "The brand AVIA is hands down the BEST!" one user wrote.


"I have those tops in all colors and I love them," another user agreed.


"Walmart is stepping up their game," another person added.


"Walmart gets better and better every time I go," another customer said.


"I can advocate for the sports crop tanks they keep your girls in place so good," another fan said. "& they're plus size friendly!"


"The avia sports crops are everything," a final user said.