Walking the Dog Just Got Even Better with Tito's Vodka's New 'Walktail' Collection

You and your pup are going to have some epic summer adventures.

When I first heard about Tito's Vodka's new 'walktail' campaign, I had to do a double-take. The idea of taking--and even making--a cocktail while walking the dog seemed edgy if not controversial, but I'd be lying if I said my interest wasn't immediately piqued. Let's just say, pun intended, that I'm glad I gave it a shot!

The Walktail collection is the result of a special partnership between Tito's--affectionately known as the Vodka for Dog People-- and the Bissell Pet Foundation. All net proceeds from purchases benefit BPF, though let's be real here--everyone benefits from these items.

Seems like a dog owner's summertime dreams come true, right? I was immediately drawn in by the fun vibe of this collaboration, especially since I live in an area where drinking alcohol in certain public spaces is allowed. And with the weather heating up, an insulated cup like the Walk & Sip YETI Rambler will be essential in keeping drinks cool.

Naturally, I had to get my hands on this collection so my Husky and I could take our walks to the next level. Though he wasn't a fan of wearing the Tito's bandana, he and I both loved the foldable dog bowl that can hold both food and water. The best part? It securely zips up, so those last few drops of water won't spill all over your belongings!

I planned an extra special outing to give these items a try, but I made sure to do a few things before setting out for our adventure. We had a designated driver, packed lots of water to keep my dog hydrated, and double-checked alcohol rules at the beach.

Unfortunately, the mini vodka bottles I'd purchased for the Walk-Pack were glass, and glass is most definitely not allowed in the sand. We adjusted the plan, and I still got to try out several of the Walktail collection's main items. Plus--we had one happy beach dog on our hands!

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You already know I'm planning our next Walktail adventure and this time, I'll make sure to pack plastic! I definitely trust the strength of the Walk-Pack's fasteners to hold everything we need for a longer walk, and the YETI Rambler did indeed keep my drink cool and sand-free. I'd call that a win!

If you want to give these items a try for yourself, head over to Tito's online shop to learn more.

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