I Can Walk Miles on Pavement Without Foot Fatigue in These Cushy Sneakers From a Hollywood-Loved Brand

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Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Wilde are fans of the style.

Courtesy of New Balance
Courtesy of New Balance

My relationship with sneakers changed when my sister gifted me the New Balance 574 Core Nimbus Clouds in December. Previously, my athletic shoe collection had been limited to, well, shoes that exude a purely sporty look and feel, including Nike and Asics running shoes. While my preferred sneakers were perfect for sweat sessions, they weren’t really as stylish as the walking sneakers I’d spotted on various fashion-forward people and celebrities.

My sister, a runner, HIIT aficionado, and also quite literally the most on-trend person I know, spent “multiple hours” researching the best walking sneakers to gift me for the holidays. Her mission was fueled by the lack of “a cool, casual, comfortable walking shoe” that she’d noticed when she visited me in New York City.

I fell in love with the New Balance 574 sneakers from the moment I laced them up and slipped into their cloud-like comfort. In the months since, I’ve worn the shoes countless times; in fact, they’re one of the most-worn items in my entire wardrobe. I’ve since learned that New Balance’s Nimbus 574 style is a go-to for celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Wilde, too, which makes me feel even cooler when I wear them.

New Balance 574 Core Nimbus Cloud Key Features

How I tested: I’ve worn these sneakers with virtually every outfit style, including athleisure, casual denim looks, and floral summer dresses. I’ve tested them in frigid winter weather and summer-like spring temps, and in numerous locales, including on miles-long walks around New York City, medium-impact hikes, and long road trips.

Perfect for: Long, walking-heavy days, including running errands around a city and touring a new place on vacation, when you have little relief from standing. They’re also ideal for travel, as they’re incredibly cushy and not overly tight, making them great for plane travel and long car rides, especially if your feet are prone to swelling.

What you’ll love: These sneakers are super versatile — both from a styling standpoint and from a day-to-day activity standpoint. They fend off foot fatigue and have an ultra-cushy, cloud-like feel that delivers all-day comfort.

Keep in mind: While these are sneakers from a traditionally athletic brand, they’re unideal for running and high-impact workouts given their cushy nature and fit, which is on the roomier side compared to most athletic sneakers I’ve tried. (If you’re looking for a New Balance running shoe, opt for the brand’s Fresh Foam sneaker, which won in the best cushioned running sneaker category in Shape’s 2023 Sneaker Awards.)

Courtesy of New Balance
Courtesy of New Balance

Buy It: New Balance 574 Core Nimbus Cloud, $85, amazon.com, zappos.com, nordstrom.com,newbalance.com

New Balance 574 Core Nimbus Cloud Review

The New Balance 574 Core Nimbus Clouds are genuinely the most comfortable shoes I own. True to their name, they have a cloud-like feel; they’re ultra-cushy and support my feet when I’m pounding the pavement, often for miles. Whereas most shoes I wear around the city for more than an hour give me blisters or a burning, rubbing feeling on my heel before I break them in, these are very much ready to wear out of the box. The New Balance sneakers are supremely, objectively comfortable. I’ve yet to experience any degree of foot fatigue, which allows me to move through busy days in total comfort, without any distraction from tired, aching feet — more than I can say for any other shoe I own.

The sneakers come in an array of colors. TBH, I love the style, fit, and feel so much, I plan on snagging more hues in addition to the white and beige colorway I currently own. That said, the neutral look of my current pair makes them super versatile. For this reason, I’ve dubbed them my “no-brainer” shoe: 99 percent of the time, I can throw them on with whatever I happen to be wearing and still look stylish and intentional. As a result, they’ve helped me save time when deciding on footwear, which is often a stressor on scrambled mornings. As someone who struggles with leaving on time, the versatile style of these New Balances have been a game-changer.

In addition to daily wear — e.g. errands and long walks — these shoes are excellent for long travel days, too. Specifically, they have a roomy fit, which allows for a less-constricted feel on long plane rides.

The exterior of the shoe is made from suede and features a swath of subtle white meshing at the front, which provides airflow and added comfort.The rubber sole is notably thick, which I love from a shock-absorbing standpoint. I also love it in terms of style: IMO, the sole height creates a flattering, slightly leg-elongating effect. The grippy black bottoms are slightly visible from the side profile of the shoe, which adds an interesting design detail, too.

For the perfect walking sneaker that’s super stylish, celebrity-worn, and oh-so-comfortable, shop the New Balance 574 Nimbus Cloud for $85.

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