Waitress sparks debate after revealing her biggest customer pet peeves: ‘People just stare at you like you’re crazy’

A waitress has sparked an animated discussion after airing her biggest on-the-job pet peeves.

For almost a year, a 24-year-old TikToker, Lizzy Smith (@c0_0l__) has used the app to chronicle her experiences in the service industry. Her most popular videos give insight into the customer behavior that annoys wait staff the most.

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TikTok is full of content from service industry workers, who often raise issues that others may not be aware of.

Starbucks baristas have shared their wildest drink orders, including one that was literally too big for the blender. Restaurant workers have been sharing their daily earnings at places like Waffle House and Hooters.

One of Smith’s most popular clips shows the waitress reenacting her biggest pet peeves in real time.

Her first issue? When customers cut her off before she can introduce herself.

Next, Smith shows what it feels like when she arrives at a table with an order, and no one speaks up to claim it.

Both problems resonated deeply with both service workers and customers. The video sparked a major discussion about the responsibilities of the servers — and of the customers.

“I’m a food runner and too many ppl just stare at you like you’re crazy when I bring their food,” one user wrote.

“When you’re standing there holding two VERY hot plates and there just like staring while you’re asking then who ordered what or like they just ignore,” another agreed.

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“Why is it so hard to be a decent person? My friend and I never cut off our server,” another wrote.

Some customers, meanwhile, pushed back, wondering why they should be the ones to claim their own food.

“Isn’t it literally your responsibility to know who ordered what,” one user commented.

“Where I work, I’m taught to get the order in a certain order so I can remember,” another added.

Many commenters pushed back against that, wondering why it was an issue to speak up.

“Can’t believe y’all are mad about ‘pawning,'” one user argued. “Oh no, your eating experience is ruined because you have to say ‘me’ real quick before you eat.”

As is often the case, the debate veered into a discussion of tipping culture in the United States. This has been a hot topic on TikTok lately, thanks to viral videos featuring customers trying to tip with Amazon gift cards and asking for their waitress’s number, after tipping $0.

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