These Waffles Are Stuffed With Chocolate, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel Fillings

Photo credit: Waf*FULLS
Photo credit: Waf*FULLS

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As delicious as regular waffles are — especially when drenched in butter and syrup — little did we know that they could be even better. That’s where Waf*FULLS come in. The brand is filling shelves with its stuffed waffles that prove, yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Waf*FULLS were first unveiled in March 2018. The only problem? The offerings were only available in the U.K. … until now. The brand has officially made its way to the U.S., which means we’re prepared to have the sweet bite that will give Eggo a run for its money.

The filled waffles are available in three flavors: Double Choc (a chocolatey waffle with chocolate filling), Strawberry (a vanilla waffle with strawberry filling), and Salted Caramel (a chocolatey waffle with salted caramel cream filling). Unlike the typical frozen waffles, these don’t need to be refrigerated or warmed up. Think of them like a snack cake! Simply unwrap the flavor of your choice and eat!

Each 8.8-ounce box includes five individually wrapped waffle sandwiches. While Walmart’s website says that the $4.68 boxes are currently out of stock, they’ve been spotted by various Instagram accounts, including @rednecksnackandfood, at the retailer.

In addition to the Double Choc, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel varieties, Waf*FULLS are also available in the U.K. in Vanilla, Choco-Hazelnut, and Apple flavors. Who knows, maybe they’ll become a hit here in the U.S. and we’ll eventually get these, too. They’d look right at home in the snack aisle, if you ask us.

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