Who is Waffle House’s next ‘host,’ and what does this new trend mean?

It’s always nice when the Internet can come together for a common cause. Right now, the World Wide Web is on a mission to crown the next host at Waffle House.

Users across several social media platforms have commented, “The Waffle House has found its new host,” under each post they watch. Onlookers wonder where the phrase came from and what it means.

Yet, the creator of the trend revealed that it meant absolutely nothing — initially.

YouTuber @JonnyRaZeRShorts created this trend as a prank, hoping his followers would all leave the same comment under the videos they watched. His YouTube following was the one to decide the phrase that now seems inescapable.

Razer told his followers that if someone had already commented on the phrase, they should simply like that comment in order to make it the top comment. He wanted users to be respectful and not spam the comment sections with the phrase. However, the Internet can only be unified on so many things. Viewers have commented the phrase constantly since its inception three days ago.

Originally, Razer planned for his community to decide on a phrase by the end of January and start on the 31st. His following couldn’t wait that long. Razer gave an update on the prank two days ago, saying, “Instead of waiting until the 31st like we were originally going to, we’re just gonna start now and stop on the 31st.”

Yesterday, Razer provided another update to the trend, asking his followers to turn it into “something greater.”

The next phase in this prank meme is turning it into “lore.” Users are invited to make stories, videos and all the fictional folklore they want with the “The Waffle House has found its new host” phrase.

Razer said he plans to stream some of the projects and showcase what people come up with.

“Each person’s lore is just a different waffle house,” commented @thatonesomethingguy on TikTok.

“Wh 001 is a waffle House, that just one day, started existing and creating unkown entities, like endless platter and the waffle,” wrote @elamisvero.

It seems as though the creativity and individual interpretations of the Waffle House meme have already begun.

If you were expecting to see this trend die out by the end of the weekend, buckle up because it’s just getting started.

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