Voice of the Female Athlete I Annual Salute to Women in Sports

Narrated by Laila Ali, the Women's Sports Foundation honors the powerful voice of female athletes. Leading by example, female athletes have deployed courage, strength, sacrifice and allyship throughout a turbulent 2020. Watch the full Women’s Sports Foundation's Annual Salute to Women in Sports presented by Yahoo Sports here.

Video Transcript

NARRATOR: What is a moment? The dictionary defines it as a specific point in time. But in physics, a moment is a turning effect, produced by force acting at a distance on an object. They say this is our moment.

- Together!

CROWD: We stand!

- Together!

CROWD: We stand!

NARRATOR: Our time. But the truth is, this moment started a long time ago by women who refused to be told no. Refused to accept injustice, and refused to fail. By women who demanded equal say, equal play, and of course, equal pay.

- We're fighting for the bigger picture. We might not get it today. But we want the future to be better.

NARRATOR: When there was no road, strong women paved one through their courage, leadership, and sacrifice. Some of their names are known.

ANNOUNCER: Leslie, what's she going to do? She dunks it! For the first time in WNBA history.

NARRATOR: Others, not so much. But we know all of them made this possible. And those moments created this movement. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, women have stepped up to the challenge unwilling to be denied. When they tell us to shut up, we speak up.

- We have decided it is important to take a stand and raise our voices.

NARRATOR: With voices so loud, and so powerful, they have no choice but to listen.

- Black Lives Matter!

CROWD: Black Lives Matter!

NARRATOR: And some of us even put our careers on hold to address the issues facing our nation.

- We care about this community, and we are a part of this community.

NARRATOR: When they wouldn't say Black Lives Matter, we did. When they wouldn't say her name, or say his name, or her name, we did. And we didn't stop-- and we won't stop-- until justice prevails. We're at the forefront of every movement, in sports and in life.

SERENA WILLIAMS: Will the day I stop fighting for equality, and for people that look like you and me, will be the day I'm in my grave.

NARRATOR: Even when we stand, we know when to kneel. Even when we lose, we find the strength to heal. All around the world, women are showing our power. This is bigger than sports. This is about everyone. Past, present, and future.

They say, this is our moment. The truth is, this has always been our moment. Because we have always been here fighting for what's right, and fighting for equality. We speak with our hearts, we speak with our voice, we speak with sport.