Who’s the voice behind “Q is for quiet” TikTok sound?

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People on TikTok love making fancams and edits — which are just compilations of pictures of the subject with a song over top — of their favorite celebrities, and fans of Mitski are no different.

Mitski is a Japanese American, Oscar-nominated indie artist that has over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her fanbase is cult-like in their dedication to her and her music. One Mitski fan did what fans of all celebrities do and made an edit of Mitski, using an interview she did for U.K.-based pop culture publication Dazed (@dazed) and a popular indie song.

Dazed has a specific style of interview. They start each segment of the interview with a letter showing up on the screen, with the artist repeating the letter back with the phrase “ — is for.” During Mitski’s interview, she said, “Q is for quiet,” and went on to describe why she enjoys the quiet.

Alana (@qkvichi) took the snippet of the interview, put fellow indie artist Mac DeMarco’s
“On The Level” in the background and, in the process, created a viral TikTok sound.

Alana’s video currently has 1.9 million views and over 369,000 likes. The sound has over 655,000 videos to its name.

Users have used this sound to show their appreciation for the things in their lives that they are grateful for.

“B is for best friend,” wrote @caintrent. “I love my best friend. I wish i was with my best friend all the time.”

Although the original post is aesthetic and serious, some of the things people give praise to with this sound are not as serious.

“B is for bracelets,” @zamudioauthentic said. “I love bracelets. I wish everyone knew how great my bracelets are.”

Recently, even the NFL used the sound to market Joe Burrow, the star quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals (and also one of TikTok’s latest crushes).

“Bro does Joe Burrow know the NFL is making thirst traps about him now?” commented @iknowyouknowme47 under the NFL’s post.

Everyone from everyday TikTok users to the biggest sports league in the world is using this sound, which certainly has to put the sound in the viral category.

Mitski’s interview with Dazed was in February of 2022. The viral edit was posted nearly nine months after her interview debuted. Although it took a while for TikTok to find the interview, it won’t let go of Mitski’s calming words now.

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