Some Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins Recalled for Possibly Containing Metal Mesh

Nicole Harris
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Vitafusion Vitamin Gummy Recall
Vitafusion Vitamin Gummy Recall

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Church & Dwight Co., Inc voluntarily recalled several Vitafusion gummy vitamins for "the possible presence of a metallic mesh material," according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The recall was made after Church & Dwight Co. investigated two consumer reports about the metal mesh.

Although no injuries or illnesses have been reported, ingesting metal mesh is dangerous, as it could harm the digestive tract in severe cases.

The recalled gummy vitamins were manufactured between October 29 and November 3, 2020. They were distributed in stores and online between November 13, 2020 and April 9, 2021, according to the FDA.

Here's more details about the recalled gummy vitamins, including their universal product codes (UPC), lot codes, and expiration dates.

Vitafusion MultiVites 150ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-01919-2

  • Lot Code: WA03044959

  • Expiration: 4/22

Vitafusion Fiber Well 90ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-01890-4

  • Lot Codes and Expirations: WA02187020 (expires 8/22), WA03086671 (expires 11/22), WA03087521 (expires 11/22)

Vitafusion Fiber Well 220ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-01984-0

  • Lot Codes and Expirations: WA03087520 (expires 11/22), WA02487524 (expires 9/22), WA03086273 (expires 11/22)

Vitafusion Kids Melatonin 50ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-00170-8

  • Lot Code: WA03076268

  • Expiration: 11/22

Vitafusion Melatonin 44ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-28011-0

  • Lot Code: WA03076270

  • Expiration: 11/22

Vitafusion Melatonin 140ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-02671-8

  • Lot Codes and Expirations: WA03076990 (expires 11/22), WA03077852 (expires 11/22), WA02608988 (expires 9/22)

Vitafusion SleepWell 250ct

  • UPC: 0-27917-02524-7

  • Lot Code: WA03077414

  • Expiration: 11/22

Visit the FDA's recall notice for pictures of the affected gummy vitamin packaging.

The FDA urges consumers to stop using the recalled products right away. Before tossing them, contact the Church & Dwight Co. Consumer Affairs team for a full refund at (800)-981-4710 from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. Also call the Consumer Affairs team for any questions regarding the recall.

You can report injuries and illnesses to Church & Dwight's Safety Call contact number at (888)-234-1828.