Visually Impaired Woman Demonstrates How She Uses Her iPhone

Michigan resident Kristy Viers posted a video on July 25 to her Twitter profile showcasing how she uses her iPhone as a visually impaired person.

Gregory Lehto, Viers’s partner, recorded the video, in which Viers walks through a step-by-step process of how she uses her iPhone without seeing it.

Viers explains that through a series of double and triple taps, she is able to find and open any application on her phone, and depending on what she opens, her phone is able to dictate what appears on her screen.

Viers then opens her Twitter application and begins to compose a status update, using a braille keyboard feature that is available on the iPhone.

The iPhone then reads back what Viers has written so she can check it.

“So basically it just reads whatever is on my screen and I can interact with it,” Viers says, as she taps on a series of applications, which the iPhone then says aloud so she can know which one she is clicking on.

Viers then opens the Safari application and shows how she uses her braille keyboard to enter in a website address as her phone reads aloud what she is entering into the search bar.

“So yeah, that’s basically how I would use my iPhone,” she says to conclude the video. Credit: Gregory Lehto via Storyful