Visually-Impaired TikToker Shows How Her Guide Dog Helps Her Find the Restroom

Rue is such a sweet girl, and she's so helpful, too!

The journey to becoming a guide dog is a long and tedious one, but all of the hard work ensures that they become the best they can be. That's why Rue the Golden Retriever is great at helping her owner navigate all kinds of terrain! She can even help her human find her way to the bathrooms, and the pair recorded a TikTok video to show their viewers how it's done. 

On this pup's account, @guidedogrue, the duo demonstrates how they achieve all sorts of tasks, just like this. It's truly fascinating to get this inside look at their life! 

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Isn't that so cool how a dog can do all that? Now you can see why their training is so intensive! Rue not only knows how to locate the bathroom, but also how to find an open stall and the bathroom sink. She must be a lifesaver for her owner!

"That’s very cool! How was she taught how to find the bathroom? Is it by sight, or smell?" asked @juliecardenas. That's such a good question! Rue's owner replied, "kinda both? tbh I’m not completely sure ahah probably scent." That makes sense! It's easy to forget that a dogs owner isn't usually the same person who trained them for the job--so some things are a mystery even to owners!

Still, we love that the comment section is a safe space for learning about accessibility and visual impairment. We're sure Rue and her owner get lots of questions! @Shadowdemon0234 asked, "Can she also find a non-occupied bathroom stall when the door is closed," and the answer is yes! This talented girl is prepared for almost any situation. 

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