Virginia Rescue Takes in Pregnant Dog Days Before She Welcomes 9 Christmas Miracles

This mama must feel so grateful to be rescued!

As heartbreaking as it can be to see animals living in neglect, it can also be rewarding and relieving to see those animals transition to a kinder life. That's why thousands of viewers are feeling grateful to learn about one special dog's rescue this holiday season. And it was all thanks to Richmond Animal Care and Control in Richmond, VA!

Mama Manolo was heavily pregnant when she was saved from freezing outdoor temperatures on Christmas Eve, though her new puppies arrived to meet nothing but warmth and love. We'd call that a Christmas miracle, wouldn't you?

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What a beautiful mama dog! We can immediately tell how grateful she is to be somewhere comfortable with people who only want the best for her. And she's not the only one feeling that way, either!

"So thankful she is safe and warm! Thank y’all so much for everything you do," said commenter Patti Aldridge. We're not sure how we could ever thank these angels enough! Not only did they go out of their way to rescue and care for her, but they sacrificed their holiday, too. 

"Can you imagine what would have happened to this precious mama and her babies had she not been rescued?" asked Mary Beth Brockwell-King. "I guess there are seven big pups!" Actually--you were close! Late on Christmas night, Mama Manolo welcomed 7 girls and 2 boys into the world.

Viewer Jeanne McNeil wrote, "Beautiful babies! Great job, brave Momma! Deepest thanks to our RACC Angels!" They saved all ten of these dogs with their selflessness, and that will never be forgotten. Still--they'll get bonus points from us if they name the pups after Santa's 9 reindeer! They were born on Christmas, after all.

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