'Virgin River' Fans Are Begging for a Fourth Season After That Shocking Finale

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'Virgin River' Fans Are Begging for a Fourth Season After That Shocking Finale

Virgin River captured the hearts of Netflix viewers when the first season aired in December 2019. Loyal fans have followed the heartfelt story of nurse/midwife Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckinridge) and Marine/bar owner Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) as they fell in love in the picturesque town of Virgin River. The couple faced their fair share of twists and heartaches, and season two left fans grappling with what the future would hold after Jack was shot and left for dead in his bar. Luckily for viewers, any question of Jack's future is resolved in the first few minutes of season three, but so many more questions arise during the dramatic 10 episodes.

Warning: Major season 3 spoilers ahead!

What happened at the end of season 3?

So much. The whole town is coping with Lilly's (played by Lynda Boyd) tragic death. Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) is deciding whether to join the Marines, leaving his relationship with Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) in question. Hope (Annette O'Toole) is fighting for her life after a car accident. Preacher (Colin Lawrence) is drugged on his way to see Paige (Lexa Doig). Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), who has been dating Jack's sister, is arrested for shooting Jack. A teenager shows up in town claiming to be Doc's (played by Tim Matheson) grandson. Jack is grappling with Charmaine's (played by Lauren Hammersley) pregnancy and anticipating a custody battle over their twins. Mel and Jack break up briefly, then she interrupts his marriage proposal to tell him she's pregnant and she's not sure he's the father. Whew!

Will there be a season 4 of Virgin River?

Great news, Virgin River fans. Netflix confirmed on September 20 that the show will return for season 4 and season 5.

The show's Instagram page released a cute mock proposal video to make the announcement, and fans are over the moon. One wrote, "OMGGGGG!!!!!! This made my day!!!! Such a perfect way to announce it! Thank you Netflix!!! 🤸♀️💃🙌 I’m going to watch this over and over 🥰" and another said, "IM LITERALLY SCREAMING."

When is the season 4 release date?

No information has been given about season 4, but each of the first three seasons have each been less than a year apart, so we're hoping the wait won't be too long.

Will the entire cast return for season 4?

After being stranded in South Carolina for almost all of season 3, Hope's life hangs in the balance after a serious car crash. Preacher's life is in peril after being drugged in the woods, and Doc is considering retirement due to his failing vision. It's too soon to say, but we're hoping all of the characters pull through the season 3 finale to appear in season 4.

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