Viral Trader Joe's Mini Canvas Tote Bags Are Reselling Online For Up to $1,000

Viral Trader Joe's Mini Canvas Tote Bags Are Reselling Online For Up to $1,000

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The new must-have bag isn't designer, but it's definitely selling for designer prices. Like so many products over the past few years, the Trader Joe's Canvas Mini Tote Bag gained its popularity through TikTok. Though the bags have been available since February, as soon as this trend picked up steam this month, the tote bags were sold out at Trader Joe's locations from coast to coast.

What's so special about these grocery store-branded tote bags, you might ask? Exclusivity may be a driving factor for acquiring the bag now, though at first the totes were accessible to most within driving distance of a Trader Joe's, as they are priced at just $2.99. The canvas bag are a mini version of Trader Joe's original canvas tote and are available in red, green, blue and yellow.

After gaining a lot of attention online, primarily on TikTok, the bags are being resold for up to $1,000 (we found a listing on eBay for $999 or best offer plus $12.99 for shipping). Though most bags aren't being resold for hundreds of dollars, they are being marked up from the original $2.99 price to $15 to $30, especially for the popular colors like green and yellow. This isn't the first time a limited edition product popularized on social media created this kind of frenzy (remember the Valentine's Day Stanley cups?!), but we can't help but be a little surprised over the hype for this specific product.

Dozens of videos online share the bags displayed in stores and crowds fighting for the limited supply. Others share ways to personalize the popular bag with embroidery, paint. or pins.

Though Trader Joe's website says the bags are only available for a limited time, a company spokesperson told USA Today that the "mini canvas tote bags certainly sold more quickly than we anticipated." She also assured the outlet that more bags would become available in late summer. If you just can't wait, there's are plenty of bags available online, but they'll definitely cost you a lot more than $2.99!

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