Viral TikTok shows airline passengers singing nursery rhymes during a 4-hour delay

A Southwest Airlines passenger is sparking debate online after showing how her fight’s crew managed a four-hour delay.

The viral video comes from TikTok user Summer Lowe ( Her clip, allegedly taken after waiting hours for her flight to take off, shows how her flight attendants sang nursery rhymes to entertain the cabin.

Although the clip is short, it sparked extremely divisive reactions from commenters. Some believed the performance — featuring the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” — was sweet and impressive. Others said they would’ve found it intolerable.

“I can’t make this up,” Lowe captioned her post. “This is our flight right now after being delayed for four hours.”

In the clip, a flight attendant sings the song as passengers clip along on cue. Lowe and her boyfriend don’t seem to be participating.

As it turned out, countless TikTokers seemed to agree with their reaction. Many argued that the singing would’ve only made the flight delay worse.

“This would’ve been my final straw,” one user wrote.

“The amount of people clapping pisses me off,” another added.

“I think I would’ve walked right back off,” another wrote.

Others had the exact opposite reaction. Plenty of commenters praised the flight attendant’s effort, as well as her voice.

“She slayed,” one user wrote.

“Southwest Airlines flight attendants are BUILT DIFFERENT. I love that airline so much,” another agreed.

In-flight behavior has long been a source of debate among airline passengers. And on TikTok, there are countless viral videos showing why.

Recently, TikTokers went wild after discovering the “real way” to use a neck pillow. Then, in a moment echoing Lowe’s experience, a group of passengers went viral after uniting to sing “Baby Shark” to help calm a crying child.

Even more recently, a flight crew in Norway earned uniform praise after inviting a young woman to fly in the plane’s cockpit. The moment came after they realized she was the only passenger aboard the plane.

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