Viral TikTok hack has people using pasta strainer to style their hair. What’s going on?

Screengrab from @haircareking's TikTok

Droves of people are hunched over, pasta strainer in hand to try the newest hair hack that went viral on TikTok.

Liz Fox Roseberry, a TikTok creator, was the first to discover the beauty hack in a video that got more than 20 million views.

Roseberry uses the metal pasta strainer as a tool instead of using a diffuser, blowing air with a hairdryer through the metal strainer and scrunching her hair up as she goes. According to her, it diffuses her natural waves more than her regular diffuser.

“I can’t tell the difference between genius and crazy anymore,” Roseberry said in her video.

Hair gurus have tested the hack on TikTok, too, to check if it was a fluke or not. The trick seems to work better on some people than others, but testers had a big warning for anyone ready to try the hack.

“Just remember that’s straight metal you’re heating up,” one viewer warned. “Use a medium to low heat so you don’t scorch your hair.”

If a person were to touch the hot metal, or press it into their forehead by accident, it could leave a nasty burn — so hair enthusiasts should be extra cautious handling the pasta strainer.

“I never would have thought of this,” one viewer said. “I bet it works. I’m trying it.”

“I did it yesterday and it works so good,” another said. “This is now my favorite life hack.”

Diffusers can cost up to $500 for high-end brands, which adds to the low-cost allure of the pasta strainer hack.

“I can tell this is gonna be a game changer,” one commenter said.

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