A viral TikTok claims that McDonald's gives 'free refills' on fries

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A viral TikTok is sparking plenty of questions about McDonald’s refill policy. The video, shared by user Orlando Johnson (@itsosoprodigy), claims that you can get free french fry refills at McDonald’s. all you have to do is ask. One thing that sets Johnson’s trick aside is that it’s not necessarily true. In his clip, the TikToker films a man walking back to their table with a handful of freshly refilled fries. “McDonald’s out here with exceptional service”. McDonald’s does not offer free refills on french fries. there is only one location — in St. Joseph, Mo., where free refills are an official policy. it seems as though it may be an unofficial policy elsewhere. In the comments, dozens of alleged fast- food employees chimed in to say that they’ll usually give a free refill if someone asks. “As someone who works in fast food, just be nice and we’ll probably do it if the manager isn’t there,” one user wrote