Viral ‘random kid’ is green-lighting TikTokers’ favorite ideas

Babies and puppies are two things the internet loves, and this new TikTok trend proves it. A CapCut template has gone viral off the strength of a baby giving a thumbs up and shaking his finger to say no.

TikTokers are creating two-part videos, with the first slide describing the perfect day in the form of a question. Then, this “random kid” follows the first slide in a video of him giving the thumbs up for approval.

“Throw in a trip to Tesco and it’s the perfect day out,” wrote @readystephtravel in her caption.

Users have also employed the baby’s help when it comes to work tasks, like @bribrithenurse.

Although thousands of people have used this baby’s reaction to get the go-ahead on their plans, there is also a not-so-positive version of this video.

The other version features the baby after a small wardrobe change, and instead of giving a thumbs up, they’re wagging their finger no.

This comes in handy for users when someone asks something unreasonable — or even something as small as a text back.

“Oml he said this today and I just ignored him,” said @allison.r0bles.

There are several different audios that utilize this baby’s services, so the origin of the trend is still up in the air. However, one of the more popular audios you can find this under was posted by rapper Real Boston Richey (@plutoricheyy). The song’s name is “5 Star,” but it has yet to be released on streaming services.

Even without knowing the origins of the video or sound, TikTok has latched onto this baby’s reactions, using his fingers as their words.

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