This viral 5-star tumbler is an 'it girl' favorite and this weekend it's 20% off

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A tumbler in a cupholder with a hand upon it.
Grab one of these trendy TikTok tumblers while supplies last. (Source: Amazon)

In the last decade or so, tumbler drinking glasses have become one of the most popular ways to take any beverage of choice along with you. Tumblers are perfect for parties, long trips or keeping drinks hot or cold while you’re busy at work. If you took a look at any office, there’s a good chance you’d see a tumbler on the desks of many of the employees.

On TikTok, Simple Modern brand tumblers are blowing up thanks to this @kristylopez_. In the video, Kristy goes over how she came across this branded Tumbler and how she was introduced to it by Victoria's Secret models. She even goes so far as to say it changed her life.

These cups are made in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your own personal taste. If you’d like to get in on this TikTok trend and see how much a tumbler could do for you, you're in luck because Amazon has a sale running on a ton of Simple Modern tumblers for up to 20% off.

A tumbler for every occasion

A selection of tumblers in various colors.
These insulated tumblers are sure to keep your drinks just to your liking. (Source: Amazon)

$19.19 $23.99 at Amazon

The original tumbler from the TikTok video is the most popular Simple Modern design, and one of the best-selling insulated tumblers on Amazon. This stainless steel and vacuum sealed tumbler will keep your drinks both cold and hot. Get it right now for 20% off.

A selection of wine tumblers.
These wine tumblers are sure to please even the most discerning aficionado. (Source: Amazon)

$11.99 $13.99 at Amazon

A unique take on a wine glass, this 12-ounce tumbler is vacuum-sealed and designed to keep your favorite wine drink insulated for hours. It's now available for 14% off.

A collection of slim drink tumblers.
These slim and stylish tumblers will fit any cupholder and keep a low profile in your bag. (Source: Amazon)

$19.19 $23.99 at Amazon

A slightly different look than the iconic Simple Modern tumbler design, this travel cup comes with two reusable straws and fits most cupholders. You can get one of the fun colors now for 20% off.

Simple Modern can coolers.
Looking for something a little different to suit your beverage of choice? These can coolers are just what you need. (Source: Amazon)

$11.24 $14.99 at Amazon

If you want to keep your favorite canned beverage cool without needing to pour anything, these Simple Modern can coolers will do the trick for 25% off.

There are few things quite as comforting as having a cool tumbler full of ice water or a hot cup of coffee on a long trip. You'll want to bring these inexpensive, yet high-quality tumblers with you everywhere you go. If you want to get on the tumbler TikTok craze, check out the Simple Modern sale for yourself before it ends.

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