This Viral Cranberry Baked Brie Is the Dreamiest Thanksgiving Appetizer

FeelGoodFoodie just shared a great hands-off option for busy Turkey Day cooks!

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Even when the Thanksgiving menu is mostly nailed down, there’s always room for some snacks throughout the day. For folks that opt for a Thanksgiving dinner rather than a lunch, a couple of appetizers on the bar or coffee table could be the only thing keeping idle, hungry hands out of the kitchen.

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You could opt for leaving out a pretty curated Winter Charcuterie Board or go for a Thanksgiving twist on a classic football finger food with our Loaded Smashed Brussels Sprouts. But if you want to opt for something truly new, you could look to Yumna Jawad—AKA FeelGoodFoodie on social media—for a festive and fun Thanksgiving dip that everyone can get excited about.

We’re still grateful to Yumna for helping popularize the classic baked feta pasta trend from a few years ago—which obviously inspired more delish recipes, like cheesy roasted potatoes and a pretty spring appetizer. Now she’s bringing that same simple but tasty energy to baked brie.

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Like feta pasta, this appetizer stars a warm, ooey-gooey piece of cheese in the middle of a casserole dish. You’ll just trade brie for feta and fresh cranberries for tomatoes. Grease the baking dish for easier cleanup—you can use a little butter for this part for extra richness or opt for a quick spritz of cooking oil—and pour your cranberries into the dish. Season them up with sugar, spice and a little orange juice, then nestle your wheel of brie in the middle of the casserole pan.

Sprinkle a little fresh rosemary on top of the brie and bake for 30 minutes at 350°F. When the brie is melty and the cranberries are bursting with tart-sweet juice, your appetizer is ready to serve—and all without much effort on your part, so you can keep focusing on the turkey.

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Pair the dip with a couple of knives that your guests can use to serve themselves, plus pieces of crostini, half slices of bread or your favorite crackers. Even some crunchy apple slices would be tasty with this dish. And if you’re serving folks with diabetes or just want to give this dip a little more staying power, you could consider opting for slices of wheat bread from your favorite bakery or grocery store.

This recipe is so easy to customize, so you can make it work for whatever crowd you’re hosting. Drizzle on some hot honey or add diced fresh jalapeños for a group that loves a spicy kick or add some orange zest and squeezes of fresh lemon or lime for a brighter, zippier dip.

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Whether you offer everyone a fun appetizer before the main event or just keep them distracted with mugs of apple cider and plenty of televised football games, this dish could be a fun, simple addition to the menu lineup—you could offer it as a dessert if you wanted a cheese course option. With or without brie, this Thanksgiving promises to be the perfect occasion for time with family, friends and your favorite dishes. Be sure and enjoy every bite!

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