This Viral Christmas Tree Is Sure to Sell Out This Season—and We Need It

Bring the candle-lit vibe into your home

<p>Yana Iskayeva / Getty Images</p>

Yana Iskayeva / Getty Images

There are arguments to be made about when the Christmas season officially starts. Some say the lights should turn on and the tree should go up the day after Thanksgiving, for others, the celebration begins on December 1.

Well, Mariah Carey, the queen of Christmas, has decided the season begins on November 1. And, if you’re looking for a perfect Christmas tree, social media seems to agree with her.

There’s a twinkly Christmas tree popping up on Instagram and TikTok over and over again, with influencers deeming it the most viral tree of the season—and for good reason.

The nine-foot-tall faux grand duchess balsam fir Christmas tree, which you can buy at Home Depot for $500, will turn your space into a sparkly, lit-up, winter wonderland.

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The tree has memory wire branches, making it pretty easy to shape, and also comes in a 7.5-foot-tall option and a 12-foot-tall option for $349 or $899, respectfully.

What really elevates this tree beyond the rest is its 3,400 color-changing, energy-efficient LED lights and the remote control with ten functions. Though you have limitless options for a light show, the most popular option by far that seems to have captured the hearts of Instagrammers is the twinkle-warm white. You can control the lights through the remote controller it comes with, or through a phone or tablet.

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Watching the tree sprinkle and twinkle really will put you in the holiday spirit. Its lights are reminiscent of the candles we all imagine lit up on a Christmas tree. Of course, it’s best not to light your tree with real candles—what a fire hazard that would be—but that doesn’t make the candles any less synonymous with a classic, traditional Christmas tree.

In one Instagram Reels video with more than seven million views and 95,000 likes, creator Katie Sue recorded the tree perfectly displayed in her home, twinkling abound. She said it was “so perfect,” and that she feared it might be sold out soon.

Another user on Instagram said she was “totally influenced by TikTok” and that her new tree is “the most gorgeous sparkling beauty.” And that’s reasonable: If you search #viralchristmastree on TikTok, you’ll get more than 20.4 million views, many of which are the Home Depot twinkle tree, with users gushing about how “perfect” and “worth the hype” the tree is.

The twinkle adds a certain illumination that can’t be topped. It feels warm and cozy, and immediately makes your home feel like a candlelit cabin—which is exactly what all the trends look like as we start celebrating the holiday season. Thanks to being highly influenced, we're adding this tree to our carts and our homes this season.

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